Boulderball - February 17, 2022

Boulderball is an Action mode where the player chooses a character to be part of a team called the Heroes (with Sky Corps teammates), which goes up against another team called the Jerks (consisting of Demons). The gameplay consists primarily of a giant boulder as the ball that each team tries to hit into the other team's goal, and for the Heroes to win, they need more points than the Jerks when the 2 minute match ends (a draw still counts as a lose for the player). If the player character's HP reaches 0, it also counts as an automatic loss.

There are 4 roles in Boulderball -- Captain (of which the player is on the Heroes), Forward (similar to Captain, in that they go on offense), Defense (stays behind to help guard the Goalkeeper) and the Goalkeeper. Both the player's teammates and the enemy's team can be killed off permanently for the remainder of the match (and killing off the Defense and Goalkeeper for easier goals are often a primary strategy). The player's Sky Corps teammates will also have their Defense buff abilities to weather incoming attacks.

The Boulder itself will damage all it comes into contact with for 20 base damage. Attacks and battlefield effects (like Tornado, Aura, Black Hole, etc.) can knock the Boulder away from the attacker or away from the effect itself. The Boulder has a larger hurtbox than it does a hitbox, so the Boulder can be deflected easily enough, but its high speed requires good timing and angles.

On Legend Difficulty, the enemy Captain demon will prioritize killing the player character, in order to interfere with the player scoring goals or supporting their teammates.

On Legend Plus Difficulty, the enemy Demons will gain access to their Attack/Movement boosting buffs and the Boulder will deal double damage to the Heroes.