Legend Plus Difficulty - February 17, 2022

Legend Plus is a new difficulty that is meant to heavily ramp up the challenge of various modes beyond Legend Difficulty. At its base, Legend Plus will quadruple enemy stat growths per level rather than Legend's doubling stat growths, and enemies gain access to their abilities immediately without needing to be level 20.

Beyond this, Legend Plus adds specific obstacles to different modes:

Endless Dungeon

When playing Endless Dungeon on Legend Plus, negative events trigger immediately with no timer and enemy reinforcements are always at maximum amount for normal battles.


When playing Onslaught on Legend Plus, a Windmill will always be present. This small and simple addition can make for chaotic battles, especially since Windmills use frequent Knockback dash attacks and Tornados to try and launch the player character into cars.


When playing Conquest on Legend Plus, every 4th horde is a Lost Soul (new enemy type) that leads an army of Novas (also a new enemy type). The Lost Soul will also teleport into any spot that is NOT the south or east edges like typical hordes. They also have only one day of warning before arriving, they have typically larger army sizes than other hordes, and they are better at capturing territory than other hordes.


Heist actually gains more changes from Legend Plus than the other modes. For starters, Force Fighters now have their level 20 abilities and the doors to the Artifact are now vault doors. In order to open the vault, any Team must defeat the new Dark Knight battalion that holds it.

On grabbing the Artifact, Thormia and 2 Hellhounds will spawn. One Hellhound horde will head north in the typical direction of the Recon Team and the other will head south to the typical direction of the Getaway Team. Thormia and the Hellhounds not only have improved sight range and immunity to Ice Slip/Faith/Magazines/Stun, but if a Hellhound spots a team and Thormia is not chasing a Team, he will start chasing the Team that the Hellhound spotted at any distance. Thormia himself is also immune to any instant death/slow death effects like Sniper Shot, Beast Cannon, Void Warp and Controlled Blaze.

In particular, these changes to Heist through Legend Plus require a solid plan in place to get past Thormia and avoid having him go after a Team you don't intend to fight him with.

Developer experiences during Legend Plus

Endless Dungeon on Legend Plus is exceedingly brutal during the first 4 levels at least, but it balances out as your characters get additional Soul Triad Points, weapon upgrades and passives/Barklord in treasures. Brace for a tough start, though.

Onslaught on Legend Plus is definitely harder than Legend, but it was meant to add more chaos than anything with the always-present Windmill -- otherwise, it feels like 20+ enemies crushed in Legend Onslaught.

Conquest on Legend Plus will likely require more days than a Legend Conquest, primarily because enemies starting with their abilities may make it harder to easily solo as many battles (while your soldiers are on Mez Missions), as well as having to brace for the incoming of the Lost Soul hordes. Lost Souls annihilate guards pretty easily, so even leaving your best soldiers behind will very likely incur some losses, but this is the point of the Lost Soul's existence -- it is meant to throw a wrench into the player's Conquest plans by capturing territory more easily.

Heist on Legend Plus is tougher, because Thormia and his Hellhounds need to be taken into account. Even with heavy stealth teams, there is a strong likelihood that Thormia will need to be fought, so part of the Heist planning should account for him.