Short Legends Overload progress update - November 30, 2021

Just a short update, since an update was promised for the end of November.

The coding is presently done, and testing is underway -- save file futureproofing has been tested, as have the new models. Legends Overload adds 11 new models as far as data is concerned, but old models were also edited so that 90 characters could be made, primarily for NPCs/new enemies. One thing that Demon Rush has done (both original version and Legends Corrupt) was aim to make all NPCs look different, at least somewhat (unless there is accidental overlap between eye colours/hair colurs/clothing colours/etc., this should still hold true with Legends Overload).

Other miscellaneous things included getting some testing in, and some of the media prep (which includes dev blog work, screenshots, video, etc.) have also been started on.

Time to get back at it -- testing has been going smoothly enough, but not as fast as I'd like. I apologize that I could not get Legends Overload released by November.