Jameson Viombre Jr. ("Jimmy") - October 14, 2018

Name: Jameson Viombre Jr. ("Jimmy")

DOB: December 9, 1900 (story takes place in 1919)

Element: Fire

Weapon: Dual-wielding katar and knives

Playstyle: Support/Stagger

Maximum Stats (through Soul Triad only, no weapons)




Combat Movement





Learnable Active Abilities:


Pushback (initally unlocked) - Inflicts Stagger at close range. Can be customized so that Pushback inflicts Stagger to an area around Jimmy.

Knockdown (initially unlocked) - Inflicts Knockdown at close range.

Twister - A spinning attack that deals Attack x 1 damage. The player can move Jimmy in any direction during Twister. Can have its damage boosted, its cooldown reduced, its movement speed boosted and can inflict Stagger to an area around Jimmy as Twister ends.

Pressure Point - A powerful attack that deals Attack x 5 damage. Can have its damage boosted, its cooldown decreased and its damage doubled during the Body Field Effect. [EDIT: As of 2019/08/06, is now Attack x 3]

Dead Drop - A quick leaping that goes a good distance, deals Attack x 3 damage and has low cooldown, but needs some precision to use effectively. Can have damage boosted, inflict Stagger (but not damage) to an area on landing, and can decrease all of Jimmy's cooldowns by 2 seconds if the actual attack lands. [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, ability is added]

Removed Body Abilities

Fancy Footwork - Unleash a series of 5 slashes that deal Attack x 0.2 damage. Positioning can be changed between slashes. Can have damage boosted, gain Defense + 50% during Fancy Footwork and can inflict Stagger with each attack. [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, ability is removed]


Shuriken (initially unlocked) - Throw a shuriken that deals Attack x 1 damage. Can have its damage boosted and its cooldown lowered to as low as 4 seconds.

Smoke Grenade (initially unlocked) - Throw a smoke grenade at Jimmy's position which makes all party members in the Smoke Grenade's area of effect invisible to enemies. Can have its duration boosted and its cooldown lowered to as low as 4 seconds. [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, ability has been heavily reworked to function as a Stagger/escape tool, with a new passive that reduces all of Jimmy's cooldown by a half second per enemy hit by that Smoke Grenade]

Fiery Passion - For 8 seconds, all party members gain Defense + 25%. Can boost the Defense gain to +50% and reduce its cooldown.

Spiritcharge - For 8 seconds, Jimmy gains Defense + 50%. Can have it so that if Jimmy's HP is under 25%, he gains invinciblity for 3 seconds, and if the Mind Field Effect is active, Jimmy deals Attack x 4 damage and Stagger to a large area around himself.

Beyond Eternity - All of Jimmy's abilities are forced to go on double cooldown in order to remove all cooldowns on his other party members. Can have it customized so that it drops the cooldown debuff to standard cooldown length rather than double cooldown, can heal Jimmy for 25 HP on use and can grant the whole party Combat Movement + 100%.

Fire Siphon

Vital Shot (initially unlocked) - Fire a projectile that deals Attack x 1 damage and heals Jimmy for 5 HP with a relatively low cooldown. Can boosts its damage, its healing potency to 15 HP and on collision with an enemy, wall or boundary, can send out a pulse to deal more damage and heal Jimmy further.

Heal (initially unlocked) - Heal a living party member for 20 HP at its base. Can have this value boosted to 70 HP.

Vital Wave - Unleash a wave of energy around Jimmy that deals Attack x 2 damage to a large area and completely neutralizes the Field Effect. Can have its area of effect boosted and its cooldown reduced.

Withstand Seal - Creates a barrier that nullifies any melee attacks, projectiles, area effects and beams from enemies that come into contact with the barrier (does not remove attack-all effects like earthquakes). Can have its cooldown reduced to as low as 5 seconds.

Crimson Force - Creates a massive explosion that deals Attack x 1.5 damage and detonates any Fire Siphon tags for additional Crimson Force explosions that deal Attack x 2.5 damage. Can boost the damage of Crimson Force (and successive explosions), can have it so Shurikens attach Fire Siphon tags to enemies on hit, can have it so Smoke Grenades have Fire Siphon tags in them, can have it so Shuriken Fire Siphon tags last longer and can have it so that during the Fire Siphon Field Effect, Crimson Force adds an additional 4 explosions and cause detonated Fire Siphon tags to deal Attack x 6 damage instead of Attack x 2.5. [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, due to Smoke Grenade's rework, Crimson Force only interacts with Shurikens, and Crimson Force's skill tree in Jimmy's Soul Triad has a passive that gives Shurikens zero cooldown during the Fire Siphon Field Effect]


Acolyte's Katar (default weapon) - Boosts Attack stat by 5% per weapon level (allowing Jimmy's max Attack stat to reach 30). Like all default weapons, good for practically any style of play.

Ninja Knives - Boosts the length of time Shuriken Fire Siphon tags last on enemies. Only really useful with a Fire Siphon build, as Fire Siphon tags are only useful with Crimson Force and Crimson Force will need to be customized enough to allow Shurikens to place Fire Siphon tags on enemies. Is still useful when customized with low cooldown Shurikens, though, as this can help setting up for big Crimson Force explosion chains while Crimson Force is on cooldown. [EDIT: As of 2019/08/06, now just boosts Shuriken damage]

Solar Knives - Boosts the damage of Fire Siphon abilities by 10% per level. In this case, this applies to Vital Shot, Vital Wave and Crimson Force. Useful for any Fire Siphon build, though Ninja Knives do end up with larger number of Crimson Force explosions (albeit at less damage per explosion). Solar Knives may find more use on Legend Difficulty battles, where enemies are better at forcing unwanted Field Effects, and if Jimmy is to use Vital Wave to frequently clear them out, it might be best to make use of higher Vital Wave damage output while doing so.

Karambit - Raises Jimmy's Combat Movement by 10% per level. Very useful for both getting out of attack range of enemies (as Jimmy is more a support than a straight-up fighter) and for getting into position to quickly apply Smoke Grenade and Withstand Seal to cover and protect allies, so is useful for any Mind/Fire Siphon builds, especially due to Jimmy's strong need for correct mid-range positioning.

Hurricane - Makes Jimmy Wind elemental as well as Fire elemental, and basic melee attacks add to the Wind Siphon Field Effect. Not so much useful for Jimmy, but for assisting Cherry and/or Alberto with their Wind Siphon builds (while protecting Jimmy from the Wind Siphon Field Effect's knockback).

Stun Knives - All Body abilities that inflict damage also inflict Stun. In this case, this applies to Twister, Pressure Point and Fancy Footwork. Handy for Body builds, and good areas of effect can be covered with Twister and, to a lesser degree, Fancy Footwork (and if the enemy is still locked out from Stun due to just having recovered, Jimmy can still do multiple Staggers with Fancy Footwork). Jimmy's lower-than-normal cooldown for his big damage Body ability, Pressure Point, can benefit a good deal from this when it comes to boss battles.

Grand Hero Katar - Boosts the damage of Twister. Very useful for any build that makes use of Twister, as Jimmy can perform more damaging hit-and-runs.

Zipmore Dirks - Gives Jimmy the Astral Glow ability, which allows his Shurikens and Smoke Grenades to inflict Blind on enemies. Due to the low cooldowns that Mind builds bring for both Shurikens and Smoke Grenades, Zipmore Dirks make an excellent tool for Mind builds. Since Crimson Force relies on Shurikens and Smoke Grenades to spread Fire Siphon tags around, Zipmore Dirks are also great for Mind/Fire Siphon mixed builds. [EDIT: As of 2019/05/21, Astral Glow now deals Stagger instead of Blind, and levelling up Zipmore Dirks increases the area of Stagger inflicted by Shurikens. Also, due to Smoke Grenade's rework, they do not work with Astral Glow]


Jimmy has the best overall defensive/team support skillset in The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt. He has the base most powerful single-use healing ability at 70 HP a cast (though Alberto can go beyond this with his Inner Strength passive, he suffers from reduced damage output), Smoke Grenade to make party members in range invisible (if the whole party is invisible, enemies will not move or attack, but your party can still fight), Withstand Seal to put up very frequent attack-nullifying barriers, Fiery Passion to boost the party's Defense by up to +50%, and most importantly, his Beyond Eternity ability, which at the cost of Jimmy suffering cooldowns (and as a plus, Jimmy's cooldowns are second lowest on average next to Claire, so he suffers less than expected), he can remove all cooldowns for his other party members, which is invaluable for Tara's Earth Siphon builds, Pound's Death Forest builds and Cook's Body and Mind builds, especially.

Jimmy, not just in terms of cooldowns, but also in terms of Combat Movement, is the second fastest character under Claire, and a full attack combo from start of first hit to cooldown of last hit is also the second fastest under Claire. His high speed works well for his high damage Pressure Point if setting up Jimmy to contribute damage, Twister for hit-and-runs and applying as many Shurikens and Smoke Grenades as possible when setting up for massive Crimson Force explosions. As can be expected from what is written, Jimmy works well with both specialized and mixed builds (though his support role is more pronounced in his Mind and Fire Siphon abilities).

Though Stagger is, in general, a less impressive status ailment than others, unlike Stun and Knockdown, it does not have a "lockout" period, so Jimmy can use Fancy Footwork to Stagger lock enemies, as well as use Pushback and Twister to add further Stagger, especially with their low cooldowns. During the Mind Field Effect, Jimmy's Spiritcharge not only boosts his Defense and can possibly add invinciblity, but it can also do damage and Stagger to a large area around him, and also has a low cooldown (giving a Body/Mind Jimmy very strong Stagger capabilities).

Though Jimmy appears fragile for the most part, he has a lot of abilities that make him much stronger defensively. Fancy Footwork, Fiery Passion and Spiritcharge can boost his Defense heavily (and add invinciblity if his HP is low enough for Spiritcharge), his Withstand Seals can nullify attacks, his Smoke Grenades can stall for time while he charges up his high-power Heal, and his Vital Shot can provide a solid amount of self-healing, especially with Vital Pulse to grab even more healing if it hits a group of enemies.

Vital Wave is an ability that should likely not be spammed, as it neutralizes the Field Effect, but this can be useful if the player needs to pull their party out of a Field Effect that is causing problems (the obvious one being the damage increases from the Body Field Effect) and on Legend Difficulty battles, pulling out of any unwanted Field Effects that enemies can force more easily.


Though Jimmy is the worst character statistically (gaining only a Combat Movement + 50%), he can enhance his Defense temporarily quite well. His real problem is his need for a lot of correct positioning and his powerful attacks have their setups clash with other parts of his playstyle. Smoke Grenade and Withstand Seal are very effective for completely doing away with enemy attacks, but not if they are placed too far away from the party. Even then, Smoke Grenades may also be best placed away from the party at times for setting up Crimson Force and its Fire Siphon tags, and correct positioning of Smoke Grenades (and frequent Shuriken accuracy) are needed to correctly setup a big Crimson Chain.

This also brings forth another issue with Jimmy's big-damage wide-area Crimson Force/Crimson Chain, setup time and positioning aside; Shuriken and Smoke Grenade are Mind abilities and end up influencing AWAY from the Fire Siphon Field Effect (which Crimson Force needs to be at its best), making an optimal Crimson Chain difficult to pull off. Though his Pressure Point is a good high damage option (especially with its lower-than-normal cooldown), it involves him being in the fray (and Jimmy is better at mid-range, just far enough away to be targetted less and hit accurately with Shurikens, while being close enough to dive in and apply Smoke Grenade and Withstand Seal when able), and unless he has Smoke Grenade (with low cooldown)/Fiery Passion/Spiritcharge/Withstand Seal (basically requiring a mixed build as opposed to Body-heavy), there is risk of him being too fragile for the close combat, and the team losing the strong benefits of their best defensive support member should he fall.


-Jimmy's playstyle in the original The Demon Rush leaned towards a balanced-magical character, was the 3rd fastest character (under Claire and Tara, though so slight under Tara, he may as well have been tied with her), and had a jack-of-all-trades range of abilities, with some unique support abilities. In Legends Corrupt, Jimmy's focus leaned more heavily towards speed and support, though he can still pull off the jack-of-all-trades well enough with mixed builds.

-Outside of the Gachduine reference weapon, Jimmy's new weapons are the Karambit and the Hurricane.

-Ignoring Pushback and Knockdown (which every character gets), Jimmy's only new ability not originating from the original The Demon Rush is Fancy Footwork (being a jack-of-all-trades gave him enough variety to begin with across the Body/Mind/Siphon ability sets).