Legend Difficulty - May 30, 2020

Legend Difficulty is available for all modes except Story Mode -- and even then, Story Mode has late-game Challenges at Legend Difficulty against enemies not encountered in other modes.

Legend Difficulty by default has all enemies act relentlessly (no half second pauses every now and again), half cooldowns for all of their abilities and double stat growths per level. Other modes are affected in additional ways due to Legend Difficulty, on top of these standard changes:

Endless Dungeon

No positive events (2x Soul Triad Points and 2x Mez) are present for timed events in Endless Dungeon, only negative. Timed events always occur every non-boss level from Level 20 onward, and they occur faster. Enemy counts in normal battles have higher minimum and maximum enemies.


Cars are now a very dangerous hazard to player and enemy alike (enemies killed by cars do not count towards player kills). Enemy counts start at and stay at 4 in play at one time.


Enemy hordes invade very frequently with invasions windows always as low as 3 days, and the enemy hordes ALWAYS bring a Field Effect. This means more frequent attacks on the player's territories and more hazardous terrain due to the Field Effect when trying to capture more.


Force Fighter squads have 4 at a time in combat, and 4 more than usual per squad. Force Fighter squads spawn at a much faster rate from enemy doors, to the point that some enemy doors can have a spawn time of 1 turn.