General Onslaught Advice - May 30, 2020

The following advice is aimed towards both Normal and Legend Onslaught.

Medkits appear every 10 player kills, so plan around this, not just for rushing over to get healed by it, but also to try and extend its presence a few more kills if HP is high. Make sure to pick it up before it hits the next 10 kills -- there is no double medkit for going 20 kills without picking it up.

Enemies gain their abilities once 20 player kills are achieved, so hold onto abilities and Extremes if possible for an early jump just before hitting 20. If possible, try and save the medkit that appears at 20 kills for a few more kills.

When playing Legend Onslaught, NEVER run or dodge to a location that you cannot see in the camera, as a car may pass through that area. ALWAYS confirm that a location will not have a car passing through before moving to it.

Never try and block cars, always dodge them. Their damage even through high-defense characters blocking is still very large.

Since cars can hurt enemies as well, cars are actually one Legend Difficulty hazard that can work in the player's advantage -- they can be used to soften up tankier enemies like Force Fighters, Dark Knights, Devolved Vipers and Adamant Golems. Make sure you kill fragile enemies, like Ghosts, Demons and Mages quickly, though, as cars steal kills from the player if they land the final blow.

Status ailments, especially in Onslaught, are always rough -- they let a group of enemies beat up on your solo character with no one to pull them off. Cars add an even higher risk of death than normal for status ailments. Remember to always be defensive whenever possible, keep track of your enemies' abilities and cooldowns and time dodges tightly INTO the enemies to try and force them to use their abilities against the dodges' invincibility frames.