Endless Dungeon/Conquest bosses - May 30, 2020

There are four types of enemies that appear as bosses for Endless Dungeon and the leaders of enemy hordes in Conquest. The term "common monsters" refers to the 12 monsters that appear in Endless Dungeon, Onslaught and Conquest, as well as these 4 bosses.

Bad Pupil - Fire Elemental

Bad Pupils have the highest Attack of all common monsters, and have a multi-hit Stun bite and can place a battlefield flame that deals damage every 1/5 second. They do large damage, but have only average resilience overall, so damage dealers can take care of them fairly quickly.

Iceman - Water Elemental

Icemen have the highest Defense of all common monsters and also have high HP, a high damage area-of-effect Deep Freeze and can block. Its defenses and blocking mean it can take some time to wear down, so it may be best to focus on other bosses/enemies in play and save bigger hits and Extremes for the Iceman when they are ready.

Windmill - Wind Elemental

Windmills have the highest Combat Movement of all common monsters and also have high Attack, and have a Knockback dash spin and a Knockback Tornado, both of which have very short cooldowns, especially on Legend Difficulty. Windmills are exceptionally fragile for bosses, with HP being around a typical Dark Knight or Adamant Golem, but this is a trade-off for their high-speed offense full of Knockback interrupts and zones.

Teras - Earth Elemental

Teras have the highest HP of all common monsters and also have high Attack and Defense, and have a Knockdown ground pound and an Earthquake that can hit all player characters and monsters (even through Withstand Seal). Like Icemen, Teras may be better handled by focusing on weaker bosses/enemies and saving big attacks/Extremes for them.