General Conquest Advice - May 30, 2020

The following advice is geared with both Normal and Legend Conquest in mind.

In order to get a good start on Conquest, it would be best to buy as many monsters as possible and send them out on as many Mez Missions as possible before 20 days pass (the point that all enemies have access to their abilities). During this time, with good knowledge of their character's playstyle, the player has the potential to solo many territories, optimally bringing in no loss of progress with a larger income.

When aiming for territory to take, try to head southeast as quickly as possible. The south and east edges of the world map are where enemy hordes come from, and owning these territories allows guards to be posted to help prevent needing to deal with them. There are also many more enemies to the south and east areas of the map, and since enemy level is tied to the number of days passed, clearing out the territories with more enemies when they are lower level is ideal.

Even though it is important to press on and capture as much territory as possible, terrain and Field Effects need to be considered as part of the risk. Enemies on terrain that boost Attack and/or Defense while having a Field Effect present may be rough to take on solo or may need waiting for Mez Missions to bring more money for monster level ups/going for other territory while waiting for the Field Effect to end.

Guards are especially important for dealing with incoming enemy hordes if the player already owns the territory being invaded -- if the enemy horde brings a Field Effect with them, guards will deal with it better than the player, as it does not count against them for the invasion calculations. Keep high level guards at the ready, 4-6 to be safe, and make sure they stay relatively up-to-date in terms of levels (not as high as the combat squads, but still high).

Once a Mez Mission begins, any soldiers sent will be gone for 5 days. Do NOT send your combat squad or your high level guards, as if an invasion warning is triggered with 3-4 days to arrive, there will be no way to get them to return.

ALWAYS send as many monsters on a single Mez Mission as possible -- do NOT divide them up into different missions. The amount of Mez gained increases heavily as more and more monsters are selected for a single Mez Mission.

Selecting a character for Conquest has many factors, including their playstyle and available monsters. There are other factors to consider, too, such as the fact that the enemy will not have any monsters of your chosen character's element available. For example, if the player does not want to fight Windmills or Dark Knights, pick a Wind character. Tired of Shadows running up at high speed and doing their crowd control Stun? Pick an Earth character. Any element that is not Water lets enemies have Ghosts, making for some easy monster kills, as well.