Recruitable Conquest Monsters - Earth - May 30, 2020

Earth monsters stand out from the other Elemental monsters through the Necromancer -- a monster that can heal more HP than Force Fighters (and are therefore Conquest's strongest healers).


Shadows are monsters with high Combat Movement, but low HP/Defense. They also have a low cooldown area-of-effect damage/Stun ability.

Shadows are solid crowd control monsters mainly due to their frequent area Stun. Tara can work with Shadows well enough, as she can block in the fray to help cover them, and she can make use of their Stun well enough to attack safely.

Shadows are very fragile and will need to be high level to survive combat, usually with a couple other high level Necromancers to keep them healed, too. Pound may be able to take advantage of their Stun at times, but he needs to have enemies mobile to run through his Apocalypse Forest Extreme. Brooks' Knockback may also be trouble, as it overrides Shadows' Stun, which is the main point in bringing Shadows.


Necromancers are monsters with average HP and low Attack. They also have access to both an all-ally healing ability and a self-healing Vital Shot projectile.

Every Earth team wants a Necromancer onboard -- or maybe two or three or four of them. Their healing gives great longevity to any team, and Pound in particular, who needs to build up Extreme despite his low attack speed and defense, can attempt to gain Extreme more aggressively if Necromancers are covering him.

Necromancers are not strong offensively, at all. Even at high level, they struggle to deal good damage, which can be bad for Conquest due to days passing by as fights take too long. Pound does not need to worry about this too much, since his powerful Extreme makes up for this, but Tara and Brooks will need to mix in Shadows and/or Adamant Golems for better offense.

Adamant Golems

Adamant Golems are have the highest HP and Defense of all monsters, and above average Attack. They also can gain access to a high cooldown, slow animation Knockback power punch. Necromancers can learn to block.

Brooks works very well with Adamant Golems. With a Necromancer or two in there to keep them alive, Adamant Golems will be too tanky to go down. Brooks' mid-range/long-range playstyle lets him keep safe at a distance as the Adamant Golems take the hits. Tara can make use of Adamant Golems, too, having sturdy allies to fight alongside and letting her Backhand give them a chance to do their slow power punch (Shadows can help do the same).

Adamant Golems bring great tanking power to a skirmish, but are lacking in abilities -- their power punch being slow in both animation and cooldown means they will be brought to a skirmish solely for their bulky stats.