Recruitable Conquest Monsters - Wind - May 30, 2020

Wind monsters stand out from the other Elemental monsters through the Dark Knight -- a monster that is more expensive to recruit than any other monster, but statistically stronger than others.

Dark Knight

Dark Knights are statistically superior monsters -- tied for highest HP with Adamant Golems, tied for highest Attack with Demons and have good Defense. They also can learn an area-of-effect Hellgust that deals damage and Knockback. Dark Knights can learn to block.

Dark Knights make for excellent squadmates for Cherry, with their solid offensive stats to offset her lower damage output, and they can survive a lot of hits on the front lines.

Dark Knights should not be used to guard territory or for Mez Missions -- cheaper monsters are better for these things. Alberto may also struggle at times with Dark Knights unless he works around their Knockback from Hellgust, as it overrides the Stun he needs to inflict for Extreme.


Mages are monsters with average Attack and low HP/Defense. They also have access to a low cooldown damage/Stun projectile and an area-of-effect damage/Stun ability around themselves, bringing frequent Stun to a skirmish.

Alberto synergizes incredibly well with Mages -- he gains a lot of Extreme without having to wait for his own System Shock and Deadly Arts to recharge, because he can work with just basic attacks and the Mages' frequent Stun. Alberto can also cover them himself with his Extreme due to its frequency.

Mages are fragile -- even with Alberto's good synergy with them, they will need to be high level to survive combat. Cherry may not work as well with them, since her Knockback from Tornado and Skysunder overrides their Stun, though holding enemies down for Hyper Blade may be useful.

Deformed Vipers

Deformed Vipers have high Attack and Combat Movement, but low HP/Defense. They can gain access to both a Knockback tackle and a Knockback wind gust projectile.

Deformed Vipers are solid aggressive attackers and with Cherry's Tornado/Skysunder, Conquest battles can be loaded with Knockback, and their high damage and speed make them useful for Cherry.

While Deformed Vipers work better for Cherry than Mages and can be used before Cherry has the money to level up a Dark Knight squad heavily for combat, they tend to pale a bit in comparison to the Dark Knights, whom have higher defenses for better survival.