Recruitable Conquest Monsters - Water - May 30, 2020

Water monsters stand out from the other Elemental monsters through the Ghost -- a monster that is weak in combat, but cheap to purchase, allowing Water players to amass more Mez at a higher rate to recruit more soldiers (for guarding and larger Mez Missions) and to pay for more level ups from their actual soldiers. Since both Water characters, Knight and Claire, are strong offensively, they can blitzkrieg a lot of early skirmishes alone, as their Ghosts go out and raise more money at a higher speed than other characters.


Zombies have high HP and high Attack, as well as a low cooldown Stun Bite that inflicts damage and Stun, making Zombies a balanced frontline unit.

Zombies work quite well with Knight -- their low cooldown Stun Bite lets Knight attack safely to gain Extreme with his slower attacks. If Knight needs to retreat and block heal, Zombies can take hits. Unlike the Siphon-Ripped, they are not flying every which way, dragging the battle in different directions and making Knight miss after lining up a Power Drive.

Zombies are frontline units with no Combat Movement boosts, compared to the Siphon-Ripped, so if they have to chase down faraway enemies, they will not get there as fast.


Ghosts have the highest overall Combat Movement (ignoring the Demons' self-buff) and has a very low cooldown random status ailment projectile. The Ghost is also the cheapest unit in Conquest, costing only 300 Mez when almost all others cost 500 Mez each.

Ghosts are inexpensive -- this may not sound like a selling point, but when Mez Missions bring in more Mez for every monster put on one mission, Ghosts will very quickly bring in a lot of money, since so many can be bought so easily. This leaves a Water player with frequent high income, good guards to guard territory and a good squad for combat long before the other Elemental characters would normally get them. They also make good budget guards, since guard strength is based on level and terrain, not monster type.

Ghosts should not be in combat, period. They can guard territory as effectively as any other monster, but actual combat alongside the player should be avoided. Ghosts can set records for how quickly they hit 0 HP.


Siphon-Ripped have high HP and Combat Movement, and have access to a Knockdown tackle and a pummel attack on knocked down enemies.

Siphon-Ripped are a dream come true for Claire -- since she gains Extreme faster against enemies suffering from Knockdown, she can pretty well always have her Extreme able to be filled up when working with a squad of Siphon-Ripped.

Siphon-Ripped are not as strong as Zombies, and their abilities have weaknesses -- their Knockdown tackle takes a moment to charge, and they will not use Pummel unless the enemy is knocked down. Claire has synergy with them, but Knight may have a harder time utilizing them effectively.