Recruitable Conquest Monsters - Fire - May 30, 2020

Fire monsters stand out from the other Elemental monsters through the Force Fighter -- a versatile unit that has good defenses and can heal. The other Fire monsters, Demon and Devolved Viper, both have high offensive power.

Force Fighter

Force Fighters are monsters with high Defense and the ability to heal all allies (including the player), inflict Knockdown and inflict a slow power attack to targets suffering from Knockdown. Force Fighters can learn to block.

Force Fighters are great for either Cook or Jimmy due to their healing powers, and every skirmish will benefit from having at least one present. They have more offensive capability than the Earth elemental healers, Necromancers, meaning they will not be a burden offensively.

Force Fighters are just merely average offensively -- their power attack is strong, but slow and requires Knockdown. Within the context of Fire monsters, they are the weakest offensively, and too many may slow down even Jimmy, whose main offensive power is his Extreme.


Demons have one of the highest Combat Movements and are tied with Dark Knights for the highest overall Attack stat -- values they can claim for the highest with their self buff, which doubles all of their damage and boosts Combat Movement by 100% for a short time. Demons can learn to block.

With their incredible Attack and Combat Movement, Demons are basically the shock troops of the recruitable Conquest monsters. High level Demons will tear through other monsters easily and Jimmy can make very good use of them to help deal with his own offensive weaknesses in Conquest.

Demons are just merely okay defensively, and since they are typically first to the front lines, there is a good chance they will die unless they are both high level and have Force Fighters to heal them. Due to this, Demons can be a bit high maintainance, and your character will need to block enemy attacks meant for Demons, or use Smoke Grenade or Withstand Seal to help protect them at times.

Devolved Viper

Devolved Vipers have the same tanky HP and Defense that Force Fighters have, but have above average Attack and come with a fireball projectile (the only projectile that recruitable Fire monsters have).

Devolved Vipers are a good cross between Force Fighter and Demon -- good offense and can take as many hits as Force Fighters can. They can be worth investing in for Cook in particular, who does not need so much healing from Force Fighters or offense from Demons (or consequently as many Force Fighters present to heal and babysit Demons).

Devolved Vipers might take a lot of strengths statistically from Force Fighters and Demons, but not their greatest strengths -- the Force Fighters' healing and the Demons' attack/speed buff. Devolved Vipers are pretty middle-of-the-road, and do not have much to stand out aside from solid stats and their projectile.