Claire Colpa - October 14, 2018

Name: Claire Colpa

DOB: July 13, 1900 (story takes place in 1919)

Element: Water

Weapon: Knives and daggers

Playstyle: Speedy/Knockdown

Maximum Stats (through Soul Triad only, no weapons)




Combat Movement





Learnable Active Abilities:


Pushback (initally unlocked) - Inflicts Stagger at close range. Can be customized so that Knockdown is inflicted at Stagger's end.

Knockdown (initially unlocked) - Inflicts Knockdown at close range. Can be customized to have cooldown reduced.

Throat Jab - Inflicts Throat Jab at melee range, which causes the victims to suffer double damage for 5 seconds. Can have its potency increased up to 4x damage suffered, can have Stun added to Throat Jab and have its duration bosted to 8 seconds.

Ninja - A charging stab that travels a short distance and inflicts Attack x 1 damage. Can have its travel distance doubled, reduce all of Claire's cooldowns by 3 seconds if the Body Field Effect is active, and can learn Acrobatics, where Claire can dodge roll in a direction of the player's choice on end while triggering Rebound Bonus, if Claire has it (Rebound Bonus is a passive all characters can learn; on the end of suffering Knockback, collision damage is ignored if applied and damage and movement speed is doubled for 3 seconds).

Crimson Acrobat - Unleash a flurry of 8 stabs that each do Attack x 0.3 damage. Can have its damage boosted, its cooldown reduced and deal 3x damage to knocked down opponents (does not ignore or override the standard +50% knockdown damage bonus).


Throwing Knife (initially unlocked) - Throw a knife projectile that deals Attack x 1 damage. Can have its damage boosted and its cooldown lowered to as low as 2 seconds.

First Aid (initially unlocked) - Heal a living party member for 20 HP at its base. Can have its cooldown reduced and can have it so she gains Combat Movement + 100% for 5 seconds after using First Aid on anybody.

Sixth Sense - For 8 seconds, Claire's dodges become near instant. Can boost its duration and so that every dodge near an enemy adds 10% per near-enemy dodge to Claire's damage output while Sixth Sense is active.

Cheetah - For 8 seconds, Claire gains Combat Movement + 100%, but suffers small Attack and Defense debuffs. Can be customized so that if the Mind Field Effect is active, the Attack and Defense debuffs become stronger buffs.

Stealth - For 8 seconds, Claire is invisible to all enemies. Can boosts its duration and remove First Aid's cooldown on triggering Stealth.

Water Siphon

Rainfall (initially unlocked) - Creates 4 pools of water in a way similar to the Water Siphon Field Effect that inflict Knockdown (unlike the Water Field Effect's pools of water, does not affect non-Water elemental allies, but does for Water elemental enemies). Can have its cooldown reduced, the sizes of the pools of water doubled, and if the Water Siphon Field Effect is active, the number of pools of water on Rainfall call boosted.

Waterjet (initially unlocked) - Fires a jet of water that covers a large area (similar to a beam, but not rapid-fire) that deals Attack x 1 damage. Can have its cooldown reduced and can have it so Claire rides the wave of water forward.

Torrent - Create a large geyser of water from the ground that stays in play for 5 seconds. Can have its damage, area of effect and cooldown enhanced, and if the Water Siphon Field Effect is active, Torrent will add 4 pools of water to the battlefield (like Rainfall, owned by Claire, so allies will not be affected).

Fallen Angel - Inflicts Knockdown to a small area at close range. Can have its cooldown lowered and Claire can learn a passive that causes all of her attacks to deal double damage rather than +50% damage to knocked down enemies.

Toxic Gas - Inflicts Poison to a small area in front of the user. Can have its area of effect boosted, Claire's Poison Damage and Poison Duration boosted, and if the Water Siphon Field Effect is active, Claire can imbue Poison into any pools of water in Toxic Gas' area of effect. [EDIT: As of 2019/08/06, can imbue Poison to all pools of water in play]


Combat Knife (default weapon) - Boosts Attack stat by 5% per weapon level (allowing Claire's max Attack stat to reach 30). Like all default weapons, good for practically any style of play.

Rogue Dagger - Boosts the damage of Throwing Knife. Useful for many of Claire's builds, as Throwing Knife's cooldown can reach as low as 2 seconds through customization, making Claire's long range game more effective.

Water Knife - Boosts the damage of Water Siphon abilities by 10% per level. In this case, this applies to Waterjet and Torrent. Waterjet and Torrent are Claire's wide-area damaging abilities, so this is useful when it comes to hitting groups of enemies frequently, as well as if Waterjet is used with Ninja (and other mobility abilities) for builds that send Claire flying around the map at high speeds. Despite being a booster for Water Siphon attacks, this is probably best used for Body/Water Siphon mixed builds (where Waterjet/Torrent can mix better with Throat Jab large defense debuffs and Ninja's cooldown reduction for more frequent large area attacking mix more smoothly).

True Ghost - When the Water Siphon Field Effect is active, boosts the number of pools of water added by Rainfall. This is Claire's primary Water Siphon build weapon, as since her role in a party focuses more on offensive support, having Rainfall call down more pools of water with one call for more knockdown (or for Claire to Poison with Toxic Gas) is ideal for her goals with a Water Siphon build, not to mention how wide-spread she makes Knockdown occur across the battlefield.

Zephyr - Makes Claire Wind elemental as well as Water elemental, and basic melee attacks add to the Wind Siphon Field Effect. Not so much useful for Claire, but for assisting Cherry and/or Alberto with their Wind Siphon builds (while protecting Claire from the Wind Siphon Field Effect's knockback), though it should be noted that Claire's high-speed basic attacks mean she can build up the Wind Siphon Field Effect VERY quickly.

Poison Knife - When the Mind Field Effect is active, Claire's Throwing Knife adds Poison, plus up to an additional Poison Damage + 50 per second at max weapon level. Since this only works during the Mind Field Effect, since Poison is most effective during the Mind Field Effect (as Poison is unaffected by the Mind Field Effect's half damage), and since Claire's Mind-heavy build is meant more for stalling for time, this is Claire's go-to Mind build weapon.

Assassin Blade - Boosts the power of Throat Jab. This is only useful if Claire has learned Throat Jab, but a fully customized Throat Jab will cause an enemy to take 6x more damage, making this invaluable for any build where Claire has Throat Jab.

Kay Cutter - Gives Claire the Burn to the Soul ability, which boosts Claire's basic attacks up to 4x damage at max weapon level while ANY Siphon Field Effect is active. This is probably most useful if Claire is part of a team that works under the Fire Siphon or Earth Siphon Field Effects, as, in spite of Claire's solid basic attack DPS, True Ghost will likely be more useful for working under the Water Siphon Field Effect and Zephyr is more useful in maintaining the Wind Siphon Field Effect for Cherry and/or Alberto.


Claire is the embodiment of speed in The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt. Her Combat Movement stat is the highest of everyone's, and her Mind abilities (Cheetah, First Aid's Field Medic and using the Body ability Ninja to trigger Acrobatics/Rebound Bonus) boost her movement speed even more temporarily. She has the fastest basic attack speed and also has the lowest overall cooldowns of all characters, meaning she is great at forcing a number of Field Effects (Body, Mind, Water Siphon or Wind Siphon with Zephyr due to her high speed basic attacks), and her Kay Cutter causes her to thrive in any Siphon Field Effect, whether harmful or not (and even then, when it comes to Fire and Earth, Claire can use her high movement speed to get out of the Fire Field Effect's flames or work through the Earth Field Effect's movement-dropping sandstorm easier than others).

Claire's primary role is offensive support. Her Body abilities focus on taking advantage of enemies in a weakened state, or Throat Jab to cripple an enemy so that other high-damage dealing characters can take advantage of the defense reduction, which when maxed out with a max level Assassin Blade, can reach as high as 6x more damage received. Claire's Pushback can add Knockdown, and her Knockdown ability can have its cooldown reduced, so that she can deal more damage when they enemy is prone. In fact, her Crimson Acrobat ability can do an additional triple damage to a knocked down enemy, and Claire (from the Water Siphon ability Fallen Angel's skill tree) can do 2x damage to knocked down enemies rather than +50% wit her Prone passive. Combining Throat Jab, knockdown and Crimson Acrobat make for a very high damage combo from Claire, especially with the Body Field Effect. In fact, during the Body Field Effect, Claire becomes more deadly, as Ninja can reduce all of her ability cooldowns by 3 seconds.

Claire's Water Siphon build is focused on spreading Knockdown and Poison to very large areas across the battlefield. Since Claire is the best character in Legends Corrupt for both Knockdown and Poison, this is also a solid build to go for. Rainfall is her primary ability here, as customized fully and with a max level True Ghost, Claire can place 24 large pools of water in play at once that last for 5 seconds during the Water Siphon Field Effect, bringing a lot of knockdown in a short time, plus with her low cooldowns, Claire can call Rainfall very often. Most of her other Water Siphon abilities (Waterjet, Fallen Angel, Torrent) are not overly powerful, but their low cooldowns help bring the Water Siphon Field Effect around faster. Under the Water Field Effect, Torrent adds more pools of water into play, as well, and Toxic Gas can poison the pools of water, as well as the enemy, making it so any enemy that slips on a poisoned pool of water will become poisoned, as well.

Claire's Mind build is built around stalling for time, and though it is not a Mind ability, Toxic Gas from the Water Siphon ability sets is best learned to poison enemies, and for its Poison Damage and Poison Duration to enhance the Poison, both of which apply to Claire's Poison Knife weapon (and is also a strictly Mind Field Effect weapon). When an enemy is poisoned, Claire can use Stealth so that enemies cannot detect her for 8 seconds and Claire can move, act, heal with First Aid more than once and throw more poisonous Throwing Knives during that time, all the while enemies will not fight back against her (unless she gets in the way of enemies attacking her allies). Cheetah, with its movement boosts, can also be used to stall for time (or deal more damage under the Mind Field Effect) and Sixth Sense can temporarily boost damage while doing faster moving dodges.


Claire's versatility, speed, low cooldowns, above average damage dealing (for Body builds) and offensive support capabilities give her little negatives, but it should be noted that she does poor damage outside of Body builds and she is one of the more fragile characters from a defensive standpoint gameplay-wise (which Body builds do not help with during the Body Field Effect). Looking at other fragile characters, they can override a lot of their defensive weaknesses, as Knight can remove his low defense debuffs and inflict longer lasting (such as his many ways to trigger Blind for longer periods of time than Claire can knock enemies down) and longer range status ailments (trapping enemies with Monster Bubble, Unexplained with its counter-knockback, silencing all enemies with Energy Flow). Pound can boost his Defense with Vampire and hide behind his Barriers. Jimmy also has barriers, and can boost his Defense and self-heal often, while Brooks can avoid damage by fighting at long range.


-Claire's playstyle in the original The Demon Rush has not changed much with Legends Corrupt, as her unaltered stats were focused heavily on speed, with Throat Jab to lower enemy defense and being able to turtle behind Poison's high damage output (though to be fair, Knight could inflict Poison and turtle in the original The Demon Rush, too).

-In the original The Demon Rush, Claire did not have much strength in wide-range focus. Now, like the speedsters in the Skylight games (Erin with her large damage, large area Barrel Chain; Robyn attacking all enemy combatant with progressively stronger damage; Zippy with large area Illusion), Claire has a large-area battlefield focus with her massive knockdown area of effects mainly through Rainfall during the Water Siphon Field Effect.

-Outside of the Gachduine reference weapon, Claire's new weapons are the Zephyr and the True Ghost, though the True Ghost originally came from the Skylight series, firstly as John A's Extreme in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent (and again as one his standard abilities in Dragooned), and then as a rare Combat Knife weapon type in the Skylight Freerange games.

-Ignoring Pushback and Knockdown (which every character gets), Claire's new abilities not originating from the original The Demon Rush are Rainfall, Waterjet and Fallen Angel, mostly owing to Claire's lack of magical abilities (as her skillset in the original focused more on speedy buffs, some ranged projectiles, support abilities and debuffing the enemy defensively).