Recruitable Conquest Monsters - General - May 30, 2020

12 types of recruitable monsters are present in Conquest for the player to recruit to join them in battle, guard territory or go on Mez missions for more money. When monsters die in combat or from guarding territory, they are permanently dead.

Players are only able to recruit monsters that match the element of their own chosen character -- for example, Tara can only recruit Earth elemental monsters, while Cook can only recruit Fire elemental. Up to 4 monster can fight alongside the player at one time; if one of them dies, the next one on the list appears as player reinforcements.

Descriptions of monsters pros/cons and how they handle also applies to their general stats and movesets in other modes, as well. In Conquest, monsters on the player's side learn all of their abilities at level 20 and act as though they are at Legend Difficulty (high action speed and half cooldowns) at level 100.