Choosing an Onslaught/Conquest character - May 30, 2020

As can be seen in the Character Guide pages of this dev blog update, the 9 playable characters have vastly different playstyles and ways of handling Onslaught and Conquest. The purpose of this dev blog page is to help present all of the characters at once, divided into general playstyles in order to see them each a little differently. The individual Character Guide pages that focus on each character's preset breakdown and strategies.

Defensive - Cherry, Brooks

These characters play very defensively, which including setting up certain areas that prevent enemies from entering or leaving, as well as abilities with invincibility.

Cherry in particular relies more on invincibility abilities and setting up areas with Tornado as defensive Knockback shields, while Brooks' playstyle is more keepaway with Black Holes to keep enemies in place.

Offensive - Knight, Pound, Claire

These characters play very aggressively and must typically keep up a very high and fast offensive momentum in order to deal massive damage and keep alive through defeating enemies quickly.

Knight focuses on keeping his slower abilities and status ailments always going to build up Extreme after Extreme (being the only character who can gain Extreme while his current one is active), Pound focuses on building up for one big Extreme that lasts a very long time on the battlefield and Claire relies on her high-speed playstyle, involving defense debuffs, high ability usage and her very fast building Extreme.

Hybrid - Alberto, Jimmy

These characters combine their abilities into safe Extreme building results and use those powerful Extremes to take down many enemies.

Alberto relies on less abilities for his Extreme gains and makes use of Stun for most of his build, while Jimmy relies on using his barrier combined with his other abilities to build up his Extreme immensely quickly as his main damage tool.

Fundamentalists - Tara, Cook

These characters rely on mastery of the basics of combat more than their abilities and Extremes -- dodge cancelling, block healing, Stagger Tagging and the like.

Cook relies more on block-and-counter followed by dodge cancels (using his high HP and Defense to take hits better), while Tara, who has less HP and Defense, relies more on just dodge cancels, with better ability combos and Extreme gains than Cook.