Sample Team Builds - May 30, 2020

Body Field Effect

Required party members - Any

Optional party members - Any

The main goal of a Body Field Effect team build is to form a party filled with characters customized for Body Field Effect, and then use those high damage abilities to quickly defeat enemies in a high-risk environment.

The double damage received by your party is an obvious negative to this team build, so characters will need some extra defense/protection to handle this setup well.

Tara and Cook are obvious candidates for this team build -- powerful single target attackers with high HP and Defense (Cook from his stats, Tara from Skill Strike). For the safety end of things, Cherry has invincibility and Attack debuffs, Alberto has a Body ability combo and long-lasting Stun, Pound has Knockdown and Barrier options and Brooks can fight up close or at a distance (and is able to use Field Tactics/Pandemonium to buff/rescue from a distance). For support, Jimmy has a lot of Stagger options for potential Stagger lock, while Knight and Claire can bring both damage and Body Field Effect influence (Knight's Ragnarok being good for influence).

Mind Field Effect

Required party members - Any

Optional party members - Any

Mind Field Effect team builds are typically safer in nature than other builds, not just due to the Field Effect's half damage to all allies/enemies trait, but also thanks to its double ability cooldown recovery speed.

If planning to stay in the Mind Field Effect, offensive capabilities will be needed in order to not slow down the pacing of the battle -- in many cases, this means Body abilities, not just for more damage, but also to be able to leave the Mind Field Effect if damage feels too low.

Some characters fare well in the Mind Field Effect damage-wise, making them capable of working alongside more defensive/influence oriented characters (like Cherry, Alberto and Jimmy). Knight, Tara, Cook and Brooks can buff up their damage, while Tara and Cook also have Instant Death abilities that can be boosted in the Mind Field Effect to end battles quicker. Claire has a powerful damage/maintainance Throwing Knife build (which can be bolstered by her Throat Jab and Poison capabilities). Pound can provide damage or buffs, but does not particularly rely on the Mind Field Effect.

Fire Field Effect

Required party members - Cook and Jimmy

Optional party members - Alberto or Tara

The goal of this build is to use Alberto or Tara with their Elemental Weapons (Magma Knuckles and Volcano Hatchet respectively) to influence/maintain the Fire Field Effect to power up Cook and Jimmy's Fire Siphon abilities (though Jimmy has low enough cooldowns to help with this).

Cook will need to focus on creating as much fire as possible (while the Fire Field Effect is active, his own fire powers up in damage with every additional fire present on the battlefield) and Jimmy will need to focus on tagging enemies with Shurikens and then following up with Crimson Force.

Water Field Effect

Required party members - Knight and Claire

Optional party members - Cherry or Pound

The goal of this build is to use Cherry or Pound with their Elemental Weapons (Ice Brand and Permafrosts respectively) to influence/maintain the Water Field Effect to power up Knight and Claire's Water Siphon abilities (though Claire has low enough cooldowns to help with this).

Knight will need to place Deep Freeze and follow up Fumarole for both massive damage and a very large number of ice spike projectiles (and maybe Sustained Faith/Faith Rewarded to help it cool down faster) and Claire will need to focus on Rainfall for waterpools, Toxic Gas to poison all the waterpools and Torrent to deal large damage when the enemy is poisoned and 20+ waterpools are present.

Wind Field Effect

Required party members - Cherry and Alberto

Optional party members - Claire, Jimmy or Brooks

The goal of this build is to use Claire, Jimmy or Brooks with their Elemental Weapons (Zephyr, Hurricane and Rail Gun respectively) to influence/maintain the Wind Field Effect to power up Cherry and Alberto's Wind Siphon abilities.

This is an overall safe build, almost to the same level as the Mind Field Effect. Cherry, Alberto and (if present) Jimmy, will have access to healing and defensive abilities. If Brooks is part of the party, he can not only keep safe at a distance himself, but can rescue/heal allies with Field Tactics. The many Knockback sources present (including Violent Gust, Tornado and the Wind Field Effect windbursts) help stop enemies from attacking the party. Cherry is the main damage dealer here, through Violent Gust (buffed by Tornado and Claire's Throat Jab if Claire is present).

Earth Field Effect

Required party members - Tara and Pound

Optional party members - Knight or Cook

The goal of this build is to use Knight or Cook with their Elemental Weapons (Stone Sickle and Boulder respectively) to influence/maintain the Earth Field Effect to power up Tara and Pound's Earth Siphon abilities. Brooks can make use of the Earth Field Effect to power up his Body and Mind abilities, as well, but this would mean removing Tara or Pound -- others builds aside from this sample team build can make use of Tara/Brooks and Pound/Brooks.

Of the two Elemental Weapon users, Cook may be better than Knight for this -- his Boulder weapon lets him influence/maintain Earth Field Effect from a distance, Discus Doom lets him apply it twice as fast and he can act as a Provoke tank in the meantime.

Tara's job is to wait until the Earth Field Effect is active, then trigger Earthquake to create many Instant Death Chasms, then move over a number of Chasms close to enemies and use Path to Hell to heavily boost their Instant Death threshold. Pound's job is to use his many Earth Siphon abilities with Aura to grow Death Forest trees in as many areas as possible, then explode them when enemies are just out of range, or the duration of the Death Forest trees are coming to an end.

Collision Damage

Required party members - Brooks, Alberto, and Claire

Optional party members - None

Brooks is the crux of this Field Effect-neutral team build -- he will need to apply Pushbreak (preferably through Blastback/Leaps and Bounds), then use Knockback abilities (preferably those with high collision damage, like Home Run). Brooks will need Pandemonium for its Collision Damage passives and Power Drag can be useful for Brooks to bring an enemy closer to a wall/battle boundary for collision.

Claire is present mainly for Throat Jab (which also affects Knockback collision damage greatly) and Alberto can take advantage of the Pushbreak/Throat Jab combo with his Light Chi's high collision damage and he can contribute towards healing. Brooks can also provide rescue/healing/buffing support with Field Tactics/Ireland MRND-48 AAG.

Solo Artist Jimmy

Required party members - Jimmy, Pound, and Claire

Optional party members - None

This build is a simple one -- Pound uses Vampire on Jimmy to power up his Attack and Defense for long periods of time, then uses Explosion while on cooldown. Claire uses Throat Jab to debuff enemy Defenses and maybe Stealth to keep enemies off of her. When Jimmy is buffed and the enemies debuffed, Jimmy can unleash a lot of Shurikens, Vital Shots and Crimson Force for massive damage -- maybe a Vital Wave to keep off any unwanted Field Effects.

While Jimmy could be replaced by another character, he was chosen mainly for his many projectiles, low cooldowns and self-healing abilities that complement this build very well. It is a powerful build that makes one character feel extraordinarily powerful, but that is mainly because the other 2 characters are used for support and/or sacrifice, combining their power to Jimmy, in one sense.