Character Guides - Brooks - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Long range hitscan attacks, Knockback, Blind, massive Knockback collision damage, ally/enemy position manipulation

Max stats

HP - 100

Attack - 40 (60 with max level Crossgun)

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 0%


Brooks differs from the rest of the playable cast greatly in his basic attack -- he has an unlimited range hitscan basic attack with his Artillery weapons that cannot be Staggered by enemy blocking. Since he has no actual attack animation, he can avoid attacks very easily if the player or AI is ready for them. Brooks is also quite skilled in repositioning allies and enemies, including keeping enemies held in place with certain abilities (High Gravity, Black Hole) and Blind from Flashbang. He not only has more Knockback options than any other character, but also has access to the most powerful Knockback collision damage of anyone -- to the point a whole damage dealing build can be made up for him based around Knockback collision alone. He has high versatility, low overall cooldowns and is also the least reliant on Field Effect builds of the cast, allowing him to more easily pick and choose abilities individually, and therefore fits well into most any team.


Despite his high Attack stat, Brooks is not much of a damage dealer on par with Knight/Tara/Pound/Cook, save for his Knockback collision damage build -- which requires him to fight up close and then escape. While Brooks can select abilities for his build with more leeway than others, a general plan for using him -- Knockback collision, long range and/or support -- needs to be chosen, even if it is bits of all three.