Character Guides - Jimmy - Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset - May 30, 2020



Smoke Grenade

Withstand Seal


Nuclear Necromancer - Jimmy unleashes multiple large-area explosions from his position that expand outward to larger areas

Jimmy's Onslaught/Conquest/Heist preset is a defensive, ability-combination focused build. His goal is to lure multiple enemies into his Withstand Seal, let them hit his Withstand Seal barrier (Jimmy gets giant Extreme gains attacking any enemies that hit a barrier while it is active), then using Twister and Smoke Grenade to build up Extreme with incredible speed and immediately unleash his Extreme.

Without having all of his abilities ready to combine or making a mistake with using one of them, Jimmy has extremely limited offensive options. He also relies almost exclusively on his Extreme as his main source of damage in Onslaught and Conquest (since his only damage options are his basic attacks and Twister).

Jimmy's ability combo of Withstand Seal -> Twister/Smoke Grenade -> Nuclear Necromancer is incredibly powerful, but also very demanding -- it does not just require Jimmy to have these abilities ready and used in this combo, but also needs multiple enemies attacking his barrier at once. Having one or two enemies only attack makes Jimmy feel much less powerful -- he gains his power from halting the offense of as many enemies as possible.