Character Guides - Jimmy - Sample Builds - May 30, 2020

Body Field Effect

Role - Stagger lock

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Twister, Dead Drop, Spiritcharge

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Pressure Point, Fiery Passion, Withstand Seal, Crimson Force

Weapon - Ninja Knives, Stun Knives, Grand Hero Katar or Zipmore Dirks

Jimmy's main role during the Body Field Effect is Stagger lock -- which is why his Pressure Point is listed as optional (with it needing the defensive boosts of Fiery Passion, Spiritcharge or Withstand Seal to use safely). Jimmy's Twister, Dead Drop and Smoke Grenade should be used for wide area Stagger mainly to support the party. Spiritcharge is useful, not just for its Defense buff, but also for its tree providing Shuriken cooldown and Escape Artist (for Smoke Grenade to reduce all of Jimmy's cooldowns). Crimson Force is a bit out of place, but it does large area damage often, and can take some advantage of the Body Field Effect.

Stun Knives are useful if Jimmy is able to get into the fray safely, and Grand Hero Katar can do massive damage if Jimmy can hit an enemy that is unable to move. Zipmore Dirks are very useful if Jimmy has Spiritcharge's tree maxed out -- the long range, wide area Stagger makes for an invaluable Body Field Effect tool. Ninja Knives can be alternative to Zipmore Dirks if more long range damage is preferred.

Defensive Support

Role - Defense buffs, cooldown removal

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Fiery Passion, Beyond Eternity, Withstand Seal

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - Vital Wave

Weapon - Karambit or Hurricane

A typical straightforward support build -- Fiery Passion for Defense buffs, Beyond Eternity for cooldown removal and Withstand Seal for damage nullifying barriers. Vital Wave is a useful optional tree if no Field Effect is desired, or the enemy has brought out an unwanted one. Karambit can help Jimmy get into position to place Withstand Seal barriers and Hurricane is useful for Wind Field Effect teams.

Fire Field Effect

Role - Large damage and Fire Field Effect influence/maintainance

Required Soul Triad trees to invest in - Spiritcharge, Vital Wave, Withstand Seal, Crimson Force

Optional Soul Triad trees to invest in - None

Weapon - Solar Knives

Crimson Force is the go-to here, with its high damage and low cooldown. Since Shuriken is needed to tag enemies with Fire Siphon Tags for stronger and more numerous explosions, Spiritcharge is a required tree for its Shuriken Cooldown passives so that Shurikens can be used to tag enemies quickly even without the Fire Siphon Field Effect (where Shurikens would have zero cooldown). Solar Knives are a given, for its 2x damage for Crimson Force.

Withstand Seal has defensive uses, but is primarily used for its 5 second cooldown for Fire Field Effect influence/maintainance. Vital Wave itself will NOT be used for this build, but its Vital Shot passives give Jimmy stronger healing, giving more reason to use another low cooldown ability.