Character Guides - Jimmy - Weapons - May 30, 2020

Acolyte's Katar

Like all default weapons, when maxed out, provides an Attack stat boost of 50% (in Jimmy's case, at max Attack stats, going from 20 to 30). Useful if no particular character build satisfies conditions for other weapons.

Ninja Knives

At max level, adds Shuriken Damage + 200%, which with Jimmy's Soul Triad passive, lets him deal up to 6x damage with Shuriken. Useful for long distance damage and taking advantage of Shuriken's short cooldown.

Solar Knives

Boosts the damage of Jimmy's damage-dealing Fire Siphon abilities, which include just Vital Shot/Vital Pulse, Vital Wave and Crimson Force. Vital Shot and Vital Wave do not deal high damage, so Crimson Force is the main reason to use Solar Knives.


Boosts Jimmy's Combat Movement by up to 100%. Provides Jimmy with incredible mobility, and is useful for placing Withstand Seals where they need to, applying Smoke Grenade quickly for Stagger/cooldown reduction, or for just general escape.


Jimmy's Elemental Weapon, protecting him from and influencing the Wind Field Effect. This will really only be used on a Wind Field Effect team build with Cherry and Alberto, where Jimmy's extra defensive support will come in handy over Claire's speed/Throat Jab or Brooks' hitscan attacks.

Stun Knives

Provides Jimmy's damage dealing Body abilities -- Twister, Pressure Point and Dead Drop -- with Stun. Even though Stun overrides Stagger (one of Jimmy's strong points), Pressure Point does not have Stagger, while Twister and Dead Drop only apply their Stagger to wide areas and not on hit, letting Jimmy utilize both status ailments. Useful for Body Field Effect builds.

Grand Hero Katar

At max level, adds Twister Damage + 200%, which with Jimmy's Soul Triad passive, lets him deal up to 5x damage with Twister every 1/4 of a second (Attack x 20 total if all Twister slices hit). Very useful for Body Field Effect builds where the enemy cannot move or dodge Jimmy's Twister.

Zipmore Dirks

Jimmy's Shurikens, if they hit, deal Stagger to a very large area. Given that Jimmy's Shurikens have a low cooldown (as low as 4 seconds), this can be useful for large area interrupts, especially during the Body Field Effect, where Jimmy can keep safely at a distance and unleash large area Staggers to protect his party that is in the fray.