Character Guides - Jimmy - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Defense buff, low cooldowns, healing, Stagger, Field Effect control

Max stats

HP - 100

Attack - 20 (30 with max level Acolyte's Katar)

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 50% (150% with max level Karambit)


Jimmy is very much a defensive support character, able to provide Defense buffs to himself and his party, as well as put up low cooldown defensive barriers to null damage. Jimmy also has the second lowest overall cooldowns under Claire, allowing him to constantly get out abilities of both offensive and defensive nature. He has projectiles that heal himself, but also can extend powerful Heal uses to allies, as well, and his ability to both self-heal and self-buff his Defense (alongside his damage-nulling Withstand Seal) gives him potential to be something of a pseudo-tank/off-tank. Though Stagger is a less pronounced status ailment than Stun and Knockdown, Jimmy has many options for Stagger to wide areas as an interrupt. His Vital Wave is also unique in that it can nullify a Field Effect -- great for teams that do not utilize Field Effects or when an enemy forces an unwanted Field Effect.


Jimmy has some solid offensive abilities, but without proper support, he will likely not be a damage dealer for a team. Jimmy is also overall the weakest statistically, and though he can buff up his Defense and self-heal with ease, those buffs wear off and he will be vulnerable until cooldowns end.