Character Guides - Claire - General - May 30, 2020


Notable traits/roles

Defense debuff, Knockdown, Poison, low cooldowns, Field Effect influencer/maintainer

Max stats

HP - 100

Attack - 20 (30 with max level Combat Knife)

Defense - 0%

Combat Movement - 100%


Claire brings incredible offensive support to any party, with her incredible Throat Jab Defense debuff (causing all enemies to take up to 5x damage, with all passives and Assassin Blade), her many Knockdown options to leave enemies prone while suffering 50% more damage, and her defense/Mind Field Effect-ignoring, high potency/duration Poison. Claire makes poor damage dealers deal good damage, and good damage dealers deal amazing damage. She also has the lowest overall cooldowns of all characters (none of which, even at base cooldown, have a cooldown higher than 15 seconds) and very fast basic attacks, giving her excellent versatility and Field Effect influence/maintainance.


While Claire enhances the offensive power of any team, she actually has very few options to make use of her own Defense debuff playstyle. Many of her abilities have very low offensive power, require specific Field Effect setups to even utilize, or are general buffs/debuffs/status ailments. Many of her abilities and builds requires her to be at close range, and she does not have the defensive stats to stay in the fray for long without defensive/tanking support.