The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt - Introduction, changes and expansion - October 14, 2018

The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt is an action-RPG and a remake of Dragoon's first game, The Demon Rush.

The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt is planned to be released around Q2/Q3 2019 for both the Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita.

All screenshots from these October 2018 dev blog posts are from an early Vita version of The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt (meaning the way some aspects of characters, effects and scenery are drawn may change over the course of development), and the areas shown in these screenshots are done up as test maps for the sake of the early reveal. Due to how early this reveal is, what is mentioned in these blogs may be removed from the final product due to reasons that are technical, disturb game balance or other reasons, but the aim is to keep things as they are and as they are planned to be. Any big changes will be mentioned in this blog, both in the page that talks about them and in an update page.

Work on The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt officially began one week before Dragooned was released, and so, after about 6 months of work so far, the field, Field Menu, character customization and battle system have been fully prepared and tested as much as they can be at this point. Work on the various game modes have already begun.

What has changed from original The Demon Rush to the The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt?

While it would probably be faster to state what has stayed the same, due to how much has changed, the main big changes are as follows:

-Gameplay has been heavily altered, going from a 2D turn-based RPG with some small real-time elements to a 3D action-RPG. The basics of battles and usage of abilities differ greatly from the original The Demon Rush, as well as the depth that these abilities now bring to combat, and combat also has a new Field Effect system that will especially play a heavier influence in the flow of battle

-The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt's Story Mode, similar to the Playstation 4/Playstation Vita releases of Skylight Freerange 1 and Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, will have additional expansion content. At present, due to the nature of the expansion's content, little detail can be provided to avoid spoilers, but this expansion content should boost Story Mode's content by about 20% (looking at main story content and optional dungeons/challenges associated with it)

-While the original The Demon Rush had its Story Mode, hotseat Versus and Challenges as modes, The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt plans to add Endless Dungeon, Onslaught and a fourth mode (kept vague at the moment due to specific mechanics not being definite as of yet) on top of the Story Mode, as well as a Tutorial section to the main menu. Hotseat Versus will NOT be included in The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt, and though the Challenges mode is not available on the main menu, the Challenges will be added to Story Mode instead as late-game high-difficulty Challenges

-Character customization for Story Mode and Endless Dungeon Mode is much different than the original The Demon Rush. Rather than simply applying Stat Bonuses and levelling up/progressing through the story to learn new abilities, there is a new Soul Triad system that allows stat boosts, active abilities and passive abilities to be unlocked

-Weapons and inventory are vastly different from the original The Demon Rush, as well; unlike the original, where the player had access to a large item inventory and could choose between Sword, Knuckles, Gun and the character's unique weapon type for weapons (which generally increase attack power), each character has their own unique weapon type only for their inventory (Sword, Knuckles and Gun from the original The Demon Rush would have not fit as well with Legends Corrupt's battle system and character stats), and these weapons can be levelled up in a similar fashion to the Skylight series' weapon level ups. With the exception of their default weapon (which increases Attack as it levels up), every unique weapon the character has access to is meant to apply to different character builds (generally Body, Mind, Siphon or Mixed). More information on each character's weapons are on their respective character dev blog page

-Stats in the original The Demon Rush consisted of HP, MP (doubling as Magic Defense), Attack, Defense, Magic and Speed. The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt makes use of only HP, Attack, Defense and Combat Movement

-An additional difficulty, Legend Difficulty, will be added and will apply to most modes of gameplay. The specifics for Legend Difficulty and what they mean for the player are further explained on Legend Difficulty's own dev blog page

-World maps will be setup in a fashion more towards picking a destination than walking towards it. Unlike the original The Demon Rush, where you had to go to specific locations to change party members, if you are able to change party members, you can do so at any time on the World Map

-There were a few certain situations in the original The Demon Rush's Story Mode presented to the player which would affect some party members' permanent availability (generally in their permanent removal from the party), and not acting in a certain way would remove these party members. These actions, for various reasons (gameplay and story), will not be in place in The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt

-In order to better fit both the expansion material and changes to gameplay, some story scenes will need to be altered to better accomodate these. As the graphics have notably changed from 2D to 3D, cutscenes will need to be altered accordingly for this

-Though enemies will still be visible on the field prior to battle, The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt has its battles take place immediately at that location the enemies are guarding (as opposed to being taken to a battle map for a battle as in the original), which means that certain locations in Story Mode may need to be altered in shape and size to accomodate. The ability to ambush or be ambushed by enemies is similarly not present due to the changes in how combat in general is handled and initiated

-Enemies in general will be tougher than they were in the original The Demon Rush, and their abilities will also affect the flow of battle via the Field Effect

-Extremes are not available in Story Mode anymore, and are available and function differently from the original in the modes that they do appear in

-Blood is present in battles

-Names will not be able to be changed in Story Mode

So, what has stayed the same? The basic story for Story Mode seems to be the only thing planned to be the same (as the gameplay mechanics have been changed entirely). Even then, there will not only be changes made to some cutscenes (for various gameplay and story purposes), as well as the need to change their presentation from 2D to 3D, but there are also additional cutscenes planned that would take place during the base story, either out of requirement from the changes made to the original game or to be supplemental to the expansion content of The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt.