The Demon Rush is an independent two-dimensional fictional story-driven RPG created by Dragoon Entertainment in 2008. The Demon Rush contains material unsuitable for younger audiences and includes very strong language, violence and pixelated blood and gore.

1. Minimum Requirements

2. Story

3. Gameplay

1. Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for The Demon Rush are as follows:

  • Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

  • DirectX 8 or higher

  • DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with 16 MB or higher of memory

  • DirectX 8 compatible sound card

  • 640 x 480 minimum screen resolution

2. Story

The story revolves around a war between humans and demons, called the Demon Rush, that has spanned three years up to the present time.

The city of Tiriad on Earth may have a breakthrough that can lead to the end of the war: the first spacecraft created in the Mittu system, the S. S. Pursuit. With this spacecraft, a new power may be found in Mittu that can lead to the end of the Demon Rush.

However, the mission goes awry, and two Tiriadian soldiers are stranded on a distant planet...

3. Gameplay

The gameplay features:

  • No random encounters; all enemies are visible and detect the player by sight and sound

  • Customization of your characters' stats for strategic battles; take the standard builds or take a more extreme route in either offense or defense

  • Utilize your team outside of the main single player game to undertake difficult Challenges or face down another party in Versus

The Demon Rush's terms and conditions can be found here.

The Demon Rush is currently unavailable.