Screenshot: There will be no mercy, no quarter - August 1, 2015

A screenshot that just went up for Screenshot Saturday, called "There will be no mercy, no quarter".

As the last screenshot was of the superarena, this one is of the start of the superdungeon. It is a very long dungeon and is by no means a simple romp, as there are (assuming the superdungeon isn't shortened for balance or other reasons) currently 140 enemies in it, not to mention the superboss that is waiting at the end of it.

Your team will need to pull out all of the stops, be it brute force, stealth, traps, big army of Drones/Golems, holding out defensively, noise distractions and any other strengths they have and must do so both as individuals and as a fully functioning team if they have even the slightest hope of even making it to the superboss at the end, much less having enough resources left after the dungeon has worn them down to defeat it.

Superdungeons and other big challenges have been a staple in past Dragoon games. The thinking is, why spend all that time building a team if you can't push your team to its limits? While there is no reward for clearing the superdungeon, it's meant to be in there as a challenge to push your team to its limits.

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