Social situations - July 29, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of social situations.

Social situations are optional scenes that can be accessed at your character's apartment in Yarmouth. Most of them have minimal impact on the overall story and quests, though there are instances where a friendship, relationship or triggering of a certain social situation will have some alteration made to a scene. These scenes are in this game more for learning more about the individual characters on a one-on-one basis, as well as for possible role-playing purposes.

Social situations are generally made available as you advance through the main quest, and the more that these scenes are activated, the closer your characters comes to being friends with some of these characters, and if taken further, a relationship is possible with some characters, and within a subset of the characters that can be romanced, your partner can move into your apartment with you as the relationship advances (though little changes about your situation overall aside from your partner being in your apartment whenever you enter; once again, this is meant generally for role-playing purposes).

The custom main character from Skylight Freerange 1, if they are available to join, not in a relationship (though an open relationship is an exception) and if they don't hate you through the main story, is also available for friendship/relationship/move-in. This means that you could have two custom main characters in a relationship if importing from Skylight Freerange 1. For those who choose their past, the custom main from Freerange 1's slot is occupied by Derek, Saira, Jason or Angela. However, as Jason and Angela are already in relationships, this means Derek and Saira are available for relationships.

There are also some scenes involving group events that can only be accessed if your character is friends with a certain character, you are a certain amount of the way through the main quest, your character is of a certain gender (there are male and female specific events like these) and certain party members are available. In some cases, other requirements may be in place to access the scene.

These group events include starting an online guild for a game, guys/girls night out, Vegas trips, comedy club visits and more. In some cases, these events may have more than one scene to them, and these connecting scenes are obtained through advancing through the main quest more (though there are some rarer instances where other requirements are needed to access further story parts of these group events, such as certain party members needing to be available).

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