Save Importing and Choosing your past - July 27, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of quests and save importing/choosing your past.

I had mentioned in a few places before (one of them being the very first post of this thread) that there are 10 main quest paths, but only 6 final quest/final battle/ending scenarios. With regards to the 5 save import/choose your path choices, once the main quest's major choice appears, it will be split into 3 and 3 (in each case, 3 of the 5 save import/choose your past choices will lead to one of the final quest/final battle/ending scenarios, and the other 2 will lead to the other 2; this setup applies to both sides of the major main quest choice).

However, there is at least one unique main quest for each of the 10 paths, and certain main quests will be replaced by others depending on save import/choose your past. In a few cases, a certain main quest will be the same, but end with a completely different story/boss/no boss (in this case, the destination or dungeon is the same, but the content at the end of it will change completely, despite being the same quest).

When it comes to the major choice, making the first decision (regardless of save import/choose your past) will have completely different quests, story and dungeon from the second decision (with one exception, where one quest from the first decision and one quest from the second decision share a dungeon, but have severely different story and outcomes to it).

Save import from Skylight Freerange 1 can cause side quests to be replaced with side quests as a result of what ultimate city side quest was achieved in Freerange 1 (if any) and what big achievements were hit in social situations (started a business, started a gambling ring, gained access to Sentinel survival skill campouts, started a sports team and creating an internet sex tape). For those who choose their past as opposed to save import, all except "War of attrition" will have at least one default side quest replaced with one of these "Freerange 1" side quests.

The character side quests that appear over midway through the main quest are generally unaffected by save import/choose your past, ignoring the fact that some characters only join from specific combinations of choose your past and the main quest major choice... and even then, for save import, some characters require even more specific circumstances to join in Gachduine (though all characters are available through choosing one's past). There is one exception to the character side quest rule; one specific choice of save import/choose your past will change the quest's content from an outdoor fight to an indoor dungeon, and parts of the story for that quest will be changed, as well.

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