Green Lampposts - July 26, 2015

Daily posting, on the topic of Green Lampposts.

Green Lampposts have been around since the first Skylight (absent only in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent), and generally serve as the series' save points. However, in the Freerange games (Gachduine included), you can save any time you are not in a cutscene or in a battle (or triggering a battle; i.e. firing a rocket at foes that hasn't detonated will prevent saving, too).

What Green Lampposts do on activation is fully restore your party’s HP, ammo, Competency uses, revive any dead allies and restore any Combat Knives and Chainsaws considered unusable from the Bladecopter and Phenomenon Flare Competencies respectively. Green Lampposts also restore all enemies in the dungeon, so it also acts as a "dungeon reset".

Also importantly, Green Lampposts allow you to change your party members and if you have saved or loaded a game, the Green Lamppost will create an auto-save in the corresponding slot alongside the saved/loaded slot (i.e. You saved in Slot 4, activate the Green Lamppost, the Lamppost creates an auto-save in Slot 4's Lamppost Save section). This acts not just as a general backup save, but also protects you from any possible dungeon scenarios where you are unable to complete the dungeon or leave it, however unlikely (i.e. Your remaining weakened character makes a loud noise that draws out enemy snipers and then saves just before the snipers begin battle).

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