Screenshot: Rapidfire Apocalypse - July 25, 2015

A screenshot that just went up for Screenshot Saturday, called "Rapidfire Apocalypse".

There are a number of different playstyles that can be customized, for both individual characters or as a functioning team. One instance includes those who fight at their best at low HP (which the Glasscannon class favours), and bonuses at low HP include boosts to attack, defense, and in the case of the Behemoth weapon (as shown in the screenshot), other abilities such as knockback emerge from low HP playstyles.

The Behemoth equipped on the custom main in this screenshot is a rare Behemoth called the "Apocalypse", providing gradual damage boosts and allowing Behemoth attacks to hit areas rather than single targets. The "Miner Plus" enemies would normally tear this character to shreds (given that Glasscannons take double damage, and in this instance, on Impossible Difficulty, deal double damage), but the character Craig has been customized with Redirect to bring attacks to him. In this way, the custom main can be set up to be all offense and terrible defense, and the payoff shows in this screenshot.

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