Screenshot: Choose your past - July 22, 2015

Daily posting, a screenshot called "Choose your past".

As an alternative to importing a save file from Skylight Freerange 1 on a new game, you can choose how the first Skylight Freerange ended and which of the 4 paths were taken in that game through the Sentinels won, Severin won, NDC won (standard and alternate differ more in allowing a different character into the party) and Liches won. Each has a short summary as to what happened prior to Gachduine.

The "War of attrition" option is that the events of the first Skylight Freerange didn't happen; in other words, it can be canonical that the Severin Ghosts of Freerange 1 just did absolutely nothing over the 7 years between Freerange 1 and Gachduine. While those Freerange 1 characters will not be involved or mentioned in any way, one of the 2 paths from the major choice will give access to a character exclusive to the War of attrition/Main quest incomplete import.

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