Video: New enemy types - July 19, 2015

Daily posting, a video showing the new enemy types first appearing in Skylight Freerange 2: Gachduine, all of which belong to the Cult of the Symbiote.

Sanguines are like Humans for the most part, wielding any weapon types that their non-Monster counterparts can, but with the benefit of higher HP and the addition of every hit dealt to them dealing Fire damage to friend and foe adjacent to them (story-wise, Sanguines' blood immolated on exposure to the air).

This makes Sanguines able to effectively repel Chainsaws, which could be devastating to tough opponents by using Power Defend and Stun among others) but rapid-fire counter-immolation would flat-out destroy the Chainsaw user, and Golems, who are melee and normally strong defensively, but are fire-weak. Glaciers will remove the Sanguines' immolation.

Coheres are low-Attack, high defense, fire-weak Symbiote Monsters that often attack in groups. Though not devastating on their own, they can merge with other Coheres to take their stats and become stronger. Attacking a Cohere with a Glacier will remove their defense and their ability to merge or be merged with other Coheres.

Spectres, at least these unformed ones, are rather weak and not meant for combat. Story-wise, they are waiting for their Cult masters to give them the DNA of a specific person, so that they can permanently assume their form for espionage purposes.

Spectres do have some traits to make them stand out. They are the only non-weapon Symbiote Monster that has an unlimited range attack and they also have double acting speed, allowing them to get in many attacks from a distance. Though they have low Attack, their speedy hits from long range can wear down tough characters or destroy weakened ones. Spectres can have their speed removed with a Glacier, but their HP is quite low and are fire-weak, making direct assaults most effective.

Miners may be the most intimidating non-boss foe in Gachduine, rivaling Phantoms for the top spot. They have massive HP, Attack, Physical Defense and Elemental Defense, and unlike most of their Symbiote Monster brothers, are unaffected by Glaciers.

Sulfur Balls and characters with anti-tank capabilities are among the best options for facing down Miners, though where possible, the best choice is to not fight them at all. Sonic Balls and other noise makers can be used to lure them away from their location, assuming that they are found in a dungeon and not in a boss or story battle.

The one advantage your team has over Miners is that they are incredibly slow in terms of action speed, giving your team time to get their heavier characters in position to intercept and properly weather any of the Miner's powerful attacks, or have time to set up favourable conditions, such as big Barrel/C4 chains or Symbiote Clouds with additional effects. The truly brazen can abuse the Miner's low action speed and high defense to build up large Unarmed combos... especially if party members with Stun-heavy Chainsaws keep the already slow Miner stunlocked.

New Enemy Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyN3r-Ft4-k

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