Video: Returning enemy types - July 15, 2015

Daily posting, a video showing the returning enemies from the first Skylight Freerange to Gachduine.

Humans are generally weak enemies, in terms of HP and Attack, but they are just like your own characters, being able to use different weapon types and their subsequent modifiers and playstyles. Different factions will have different HP and Attack growth rates, different abilities as they level up and different weapon types available to them.

Humans with Rifles equipped also gain triple sight range, making them able to spot your team or their allies in combat and unleash big damage from a distance. Humans with Rocket Launchers can be particularly devastating to your party.

Indestructibles are the first Symbiote Monsters of the Skylight series, and the only one to appear across all four Skylight games. These giants have high HP, Attack and physical defense, automatically regenerate a small amount of HP every 2 seconds and inflict knockback with each attack (making them far more dangerous in tight areas).

Indestructibles are, like most Symbiote Monsters, weak to Fire. They take 10x damage from Fire attacks, making it a good idea to carry Flamethrowers, Barrels or Fire Shot to inflict big damage (and likely instant death) to them. Attacking an Indestructible with a Glacier will remove their physical defense, their HP regeneration and their knockback capabilities.

Lifeless are living human bombs, made by a sociopathic and sadistic faction from the first Skylight Freerange. They have low HP, low speed and take 3x damage from Physical attacks and 10x damage from Fire.

However, when they do get their turn, they charge your team and explode for large damage, with those closest to the Lifeless taking more damage. They will damage their own allies in doing this, but it makes them no less devastating to your own party if they are left unchecked. Lifeless also do not lose any abilities when hit by a Glacier.

Phantoms are combat suits filled with Skylight Symbiote (appearing originally in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent) and set up with preset, fine-tuned commands to allow a Manipulator to control their movements. Phantoms are particularly menacing opponents, as they have high HP, solid Attack, fight Unarmed (meaning they use an Unarmed Combo Modifier to make each attack more deadly than the last), have high elemental defense, high attack speed and high movement speed.

Though Phantoms can lose their elemental defense and speed boosts when hit by a Glacier, they are still powerful opponents. One way to quickly dispose of a Phantom is to find its Manipulator, usually a weak human with a Pistol (possibly hiding away from combat), and defeat them. Without the Manipulator giving the Phantom commands, the Phantom becomes useless and its HP automatically hits 0.

Returning Enemy Types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMZrFuzr4I8

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