Screenshot: How grand, thine neckbeard - July 14, 2015

Daily posting, a screenshot called "How grand, thine neckbeard".

One aspect of character creation and NPCs seen in Gachduine is that male characters can have neckbeards, and unlike past Skylights, the length of the neckbeard can be taken to a level where it could be considered a neckmane.

The neckbeard has made appearances since Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, where it was considered a point of pride and integrity to a then-niche group known as indie engineers, and most in that group would do what they could to grow one and be considered a true indie engineer (to the point where one character was convinced their splotchy stubble was neckbeard enough to be considered a true indie engineer).

Given Gachduine's focus on presenting story with choices and gameplay with multiple customization options, I'm sure "A Skylight History on Neckbeards" seems likely an unlikely addition to this thread. Despite the serious parts in Gachduine, there are some parts that are more oddball, due to the sociological results by 2048 of each generation trying to outshock and outweird the last.

The screenshot is below, where on this windy day, the custom main character's neckbeard is affected a little bit by the wind, just like the other characters' hair. With this notification of extremely basic neckbeard wind physics added to Gachduine, I apologize in advance for lowering the bar for humanity.

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