Video: Sulfur Ball - July 13, 2015

Daily posting, showing the 20th and final weapon type in Gachduine, the Sulfur Ball.

The Sulfur Ball had been merely an item in the first Skylight, and has not made an appearance until Gachduine, where it has become a full-blown Weapon Type. It deals Acid damage (which causes it to ignore defense) to a medium area, at a damage formula of Attack x 3. As a downside, it does have a limited ammo count of 4.

The Sulfur Ball has some unique advantages to it. Unlike other weapons with a solid base area of effect, Sulfur Balls do not harm your own allies if they are caught in the attack. Also, if the Sulfur Ball user already has the Ignore Defense Competency, it does not end up being redundant to the Sulfur Ball; in fact, the Sulfur Ball's damage is further tripled, using a formula of Attack x 9, making it a solid choice for characters whose focus is on anti-tanking.

Sulfur Ball abilities boost attack range, recovery time and can cause Sulfur Ball attacks to add debuffs, lowering enemy attack and/or defense for a set number of turns. In fact, the defense debuff counts towards the Cult Blade's Advantage Blade instant death threshold boost. The Sulfur Ball also provides boosts to other areas aside from the Cult Blade, as the Napalm Ball and Sonic Ball abilities gain any relevant boosts the Sulfur Ball gains (in particular, Napalm gains attack range and recovery time and Sonic gains recovery time).

Sulfur Ball Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78y3BOnzKaE

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