Video: Glacier - July 9, 2015

Unfortunately, I have severely underestimated the pathfinding setup for the world map, mainly due to all of the forests and trees I added to be navigated around. While I had said I should have it done by the end of yesterday, I will likely have it done by the end of tomorrow; I'm a quarter through it, but if it keeps up the way it's currently keeping up, I'll be needing in the area of 1000 nodes for the world map, so these few days are going to be a bit data entry heavy.

For now, another Weapon Type video for a weapon new to the Skylight series, the Glacier.

Skylight Symbiote in general self-replicates at its best in warmer conditions; the inverse holds, as well, causing most Skylight Symbiote and its derivatives to slow its replication. In combat, a single blast from a Glacier will remove one or more passive abilities from most Symbiote Monsters (namely from Indestructibles, Phantoms, Sanguines, Coheres and Spectres).

As Symbiote Monsters have gotten tougher in Gachduine compared to the first Freerange, Glaciers can be useful for exploiting a weak point in a strong monster or making its offense less effective, depending on the enemy type.

Glacier abilities tend to focus, for the most part, on its ability to hold a rapid-fire. This includes damage gradually increasing during a rapid-fire, area of effect of the Glacier increasing, lowering any enemy's attack when caught in the rapid-fire and disabling enemy movement when caught in a rapid-fire. For the to be effective for more than one attack (and not just a quick burst to disable monsters), this is best paired with characters that have ways of restoring ammo and/or a high ammo maximum.

Glacier Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flqhBQsFPfE

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