Kyra Santiago - May 6, 2015

Content focusing on Kyra Santiago, posted just recently today on Twitter:

Bio Card for Kyra Santiago, a member of the Gachduine who is also a member of the Cult of the Symbiote, and uses her position in the Cult at times to provide information for the other members of the Gachduine.

The Cult of the Symbiote forced a terrible dilemma on Kyra's parents after her brother was arrested: disown their son, or they will not only exclude the Santiago family from the Cult, but use their power to prevent them from finding work or leaving the province. While Kyra knows her parents had a terrible choice, she still butts heads with her father constantly and blames him for her brother being cast aside.

Kyra has a strong offense, but requires some build-up and planning in her use of it. She has a high combo gain for Unarmed attacks, meaning that each consecutive Unarmed attack gains large boosts in damage. Kyra's Brute Force ability boosts her attack and defense (particularly her attack at endgame), but needs planning for proper use, as after Kyra is hit a certain number of times, Brute Force will wear off. Enemies with rapid-fire weapons like Chainsaws will remove this quickly from her.

Kyra also has a few other ways to boost damage, through slow-but-powerful Defend and Attack combos and some unpredictability with Wild Strikes.

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