Video: Cult Blade - July 7, 2015

Decoration progress is coming along. All of Nova Scotia has forests now, though the amount of trees may be lowered if it interferes with game performance. Half of the remaining map files to be decorated are now decorated, and I hope to finish the other half today, if at all possible.

For now, another informational Weapon Type video, this one being the Cult Blade, which suitably follows all of that Cult propaganda just recently displayed in the thread.

Like the Hover Staff before it, Cult Blades are also weak melee weapons, dealing damage at Attack x 0.5. They also have an innate ability to instant kill ANY enemy (bosses included) if the enemy's HP after the attack is at 5% of their maximum HP. While this may seem worthless on an enemy with 200 HP (overriding 10 HP could be better done with a stronger weapon), an enemy with one million HP will die if their HP is at or under 50,000 after a base Cult Blade attack, making it more effective for dealing with bosses than random guards and certain low HP monsters.

While Cult Blade abilities include an active ability that deals double damage and doubles instant death threshold, as well as a passive ability to dual wield Cult Blades (not necessarily for the damage boost, but for the abilities gained through rare Cult Blades), most Cult Blade abilities focus on increasing the instant death threshold over 5%.

In boss fights, Combo Blade allows the Unarmed Combo Modifier to play a part in boosting the instant death threshold. As Unarmed fighters are more endurance-based (due to their need to gradually build up damage), this can be a useful finisher for a tank character. Stealth Blade can be a great finisher, but will require a character who can use the Combat Knife's Monster of the Dark for boss fights. Advantage Blade boosts instant death threshold the more the enemy is riddled with debuffs (namely Debuff, Illusion and the Sulfur Ball's Melt Armour), something that fits right in with Lucia's skillsets, in particular.

Keep in mind, too, that the Cult Blade is a symbol of the Cult of the Symbiote, and their guards will use it. Though their attacks are weak, they can tear apart SOS playstyles, where the character is required to be at 25% or less HP. Those who love tearing up the battlefield with Adrenaline or taking little damage with Courage may end up being countered due to the addition of enemy Cult Blades, and for these playstyles, Cult Blade users may take higher priority than other powerful enemies.

Cult Blade Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VylFMuPgLas

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