Propaganda: Sanguines - July 6, 2015

The last piece of Cult propaganda, called "Sanguines".

Though the Cult of the Symbiote openly condemns misuse of Skylight Symbiote, as it can turn people into monsters, they have no problem using Skylight Symbiote openly to alter the body chemistry of an ordinary human into that of a Sanguine and parade them around openly as heroes and saviours.

When the nationwide firestorm, the Northern Burning, occurred back in 2031, its cause was due to plenty of the original Skylight Symbiote (known at times in 2048 as the Symbiote of Old) being immolated by an even greater deluge of Anti-Symbiote, which was created to seek out, detect and immolate all Symbiote of Old.

The Sanguines' body chemistry is altered to make them more resilient, but their most notable trait is that their blood chemistry is altered to match a composition to that of the Symbiote of Old. As such, whenever they bleed, they draw in Anti-Symbiote and immolation occurs, cauterizing the Sanguine's wound and removing a tiny bit more of the Anti-Symbiote in the earth's atmosphere.

Since the Sanguines are to suffer in their efforts to bring about a slow reduction of the potential of another Northern Burning, they are considered heroes by the Cult for giving their bodies to them, and as such, receive overly generous rewards and compensation for doing so.

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