Screenshot: Winter wonderland - July 3, 2015

At present, the "decoration" progress is about forests. While I have the base tree done, I will try and cover Nova Scotia in forests to a degree that won't interfere heavily with pathfinding, file size and other variables.

I only have one world map cell with trees or forests at the moment; I hope to fill out the rest of the world map (as other gameplay/performance factors allow) over the next couple of days, while trying to get the Cult propaganda decorations ready, hopefully one per day to display on Twitter and this thread.

The one completed forest appears in a screenshot that just went up on Twitter for Screenshot Saturday called "Winter wonderland".

There is actually a high likelihood that winter will not be seen during gameplay in Gachduine, as Gachduine's story begins in June (as opposed to Freerange which starts later in the year), the social system has changed so that sleeping the days away isn't able to happen and there is no arctic area/dungeon, such as the Isle of Axel Heiberg from Freerange 1.

Winter is still around, as it has been carried over from the previous Freerange's system. One reason winter is mentioned is to do with the trees, as their texture is changed come wintertime. Though there is a very high chance a player may not encounter winter over a playthrough, it is a detail captured in this screenshot:

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