Video: Jupiter - July 1, 2015

While decorations are being worked on, there haven't been any decorations/Cult propaganda prepared that require its own post, so, for today, I will be doing the standard daily posting, a video showing the Jupiter weapon type. I hope to have some newer decorations ready to show in the next few days.

Jupiters are rapid-fire weapons that deal damage at Attack x 0.3 and are Lightning Elemental. Lightning attacks in Gachduine are hardly different from Physical attacks in overall structure, but like in Skylight Freerange 1, there are some superbosses that have an additional (hidden) weakness to Lightning.

However, unlike Assault Rifles (which gain buffs from nearby allies), Behemoths (highest rapid-fire damage), Chainsaws (which do not require ammo) and Glaciers (which debuff Symbiote Monsters), Jupiters have little on their own to warrant a character to use one at its base.

Characters who specialize in Jupiters, on the other hand, do gain access to a variety of abilities, including power boosts, a random extra immolation attack, usage and increase of the Unarmed Combo Modifier, and using the Jupiter's rapid-fire to heal the user.

Jupiter Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcYPYNvwifU

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