Grocery Store Detective Reborn - June 30, 2015

More decorations have been completed, and there are still many more to go for the polishing phase of Gachduine (and there is still plenty of other parts to polish aside from additional decorations before the beginning of the Full Gremlin Test).

Today's posting will show some decorations that have been finished earlier, these to do with another TV series in the Skylight universe, Grocery Store Detective.

Like Who Ate My Face, the series' origins began in Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent, and follows Hans Hansgashi, a happy-go-lucky and optimistic Grocery Store Detective who solves trivial crimes, such as theft of cans or theft of mozzarella packs, and he does so alongside his best friend and rival, the produce manager, and his archnemesis, the bakery manager.

A poster for Grocery Store Detective appeared in Skylight 2 as such:

However, when Gachduine rolls around, Grocery Store Detective has been rebooted into a darker, edgier series. The formerly plucky Hans Hansagashi is now a drug abuser/sex addict who constantly laments the brutal death of his pet parrot (from the original series) and his girlfriend leaving him.

The crimes, too, have moved on from its kids' show roots of friends solving the mystery of a few missing items, and have gone on to include a CSI team in the grocery store that deals with murders and decapitations have become commonplace in Hans' grocery store.

As the creators try to make the show more gritty, expect feeble attempts at common cop show lines: "I am a grocery store detective, and all crimes that happen within this store fall under MY jurisdiction!", alongside plenty of bad language which moves the show further away from its kids' show roots.

The massive change in feel and genre has the Grocery Store Detective fanbase divided into two: Those who feel the reboot defiles a timeless classic and those who feel the original is too juvenile and its fans need to grow up.

Episodes of Grocery Store Detective Reborn appear on TV in Gachduine, though the original (which has episodes on TV in Skylight Freerange 1) is not available in Gachduine. The poster for Grocery Store Detective Reborn appears in Gachduine:

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