Who Ate My Face - June 29, 2015

Some progress on some of the additional decorations has began. One such decoration is a poster for the "Who Ate My Face" series, an extremely melodramatic and often ridiculous TV series in the Skylight universe.

Who Ate My Face's origins come from Skylight 2: Winters of Discontent (for reference, Gachduine is the 4th Skylight game), and follows the adventures of John Socrates Deepsoulington, a fan who had his face eaten and was granted access to his Philosophy Drive Mode when it was.

John Socrates' Philosophy Drive Mode allows him to activate one philosophy or psychology concept at a time, ranging from the basic Machiavellianism to the blatant Antisexualism to the odd Looping-Zhuangzism to the ridiculous Screamism to the trivial Complimentism, and every concept he activates with his Philosophy Drive Mode grants him over-the-top extreme versions of said concept.

In Skylight Freerange 1 and Gachduine, your character can watch TV shows in their apartment, and Who Ate My Face is the most common TV show to air when the TV is activated. More than a few times, too, characters and NPCs will make reference to the show and sometimes talk about episodes of it not shown when your main character watches TV.

When Skylight 2 first introduced Who Ate My Face, the screen shown (used as ads in future Skylight entries) appeared as this:

The poster for the second Who Ate My Face movie, "Threnody of the Wyvernmancer of Lust" is released at the time of Gachduine. Erica's mother ,who appeared in one of the Cult propaganda pieces a couple days ago, also has a starring role in it. Though your characters cannot see the movie, the poster is around for advertising purposes:

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