Propaganda: Contigions - June 28, 2015

All buildings have been added and connected to the world map. From grabbing the number of files from Gachduine's map folder, there are 685 files associated with maps (which include rooms, dungeon blocks and world map cells).

Though there are some repeats or similar layouts in parts of these 685 maps, they are kept as separate maps for purposes of different door connections, different wall types and the upcoming arrival of the decorations to be added to these.

In the meantime, as far as decorations go, which will include more Cult propaganda, here is one dealing with "contigions", a term created by the Cult of the Symbiote in the 2040s to explain symptoms of a similar, though less severe, occurrence to reactions from Skylight Symbiote derivatives, and have been comparing it to events in the 2020s, where one quarter of Canada’s population suffered painful mutations due to massive aerosolizing of the original Skylight Symbiote.

Since the Cult of the Symbiote has no problem scaring people into following their agendas, they will use children and, in this image, little bunny rabbits to spread fear of not joining the Cult to gain protection from contigions:

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