Video: Chainsaw - June 25, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on December 30, 2014, showing the Chainsaw weapon type.

Chainsaws are rapid-fire melee weapons, allowing up to 256 attacks doing damage at Attack x 0.1, so long as the target does not move too far from the Chainsaw user. As the Chainsaw is rapid-fire and uses no ammo, it can be used for a prolonged attack.

Having a full Defend Bar will not only strengthen the attack, but keep the userís defense up during the long, drawn-out attack. A user with Stun Competencies (or a Chainsaw modified with Stun Mods) can wreak havoc on an enemy, keeping them repeatedly stunned under a long Chainsaw attack. Keep in mind, too, that Chainsaws are Loud, so they can draw in other foes to the fight.

Chainsaw abilities are quite varied, and they include an active ability that sacrifices a Chainsaw for the remainder of the dungeon to deal fire damage around the user, the ability to dual wield Chainsaws, the ability to make a Chainsaw double in size and damage (some characters, such as the main character and Rory can dual wield these Buster Saws), steady increases in damage the longer the rapid-fire goes on for, increasing the Unarmed Combo Modifier, deflecting damage back at the enemy and giving the Chainsaw the same stealth/backstab modifiers as the Combat Knife.

Chainsaw Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYis0dJNIqQ

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