Video: C4 - June 22, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on December 30, 2014, showing the C4 weapon type.

C4 are trap weapons that function very similarly to exploding Barrels, but have enough differences to make them stand out from one another. Firstly, C4 deal less damage (Attack x 4 compared to Attack x 6 of Barrels), have a weaker boost in C4 Chain than Barrel Chain and are not Fire elemental.

C4 are meant to be used more tactically. They do not detonate after other C4, instead blowing up one after the other as each explosion ends, so remembering the order of placement can allow big traps to be set up while avoiding death for the user in big chains.

They have double the ammo of Barrels, allowing not only for larger chains, but C4 ends up being more easily expendable as a noise distraction for patrolling or guarding enemies if you wish to avoid combat by pulling them away and do not have Sonic Ball handy.

Some who specialize in C4 can use it as a defensive tool. Blast Shield is an ability that allows the user to take 80% less damage if they are hit inside their own undetonated C4 blast radius but the enemy is not, making it effective for lowering long range damage to the user, and is effective for a "sniper on sniper" sort of combat. Ion Choker cuts down the damage of any enemy within range of the user's undetonated C4. Correctly placing C4 with either of these abilities can be very useful for long skirmishes, whether the enemy is melee oriented or long range.

C4 Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnrQxSBobFY

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