Video: Behemoth - June 20, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on December 2, 2014, showing the Behemoth weapon type.

Behemoths are powerful rapid-fire weapons that not only deal more damage than any other rapid-fire weapon, but also has the highest ammo maximum of all weapons, too.

Its massive damage output and huge ammo count is offset by large downsides, too. If you are still in combat after ending the Behemoth's rapid-fire, the user cannot move and takes double damage until their Speed Counter refills for their next turn. This is particularly devastating if the user is standing next to an enemy Shotgun user or is far away from an enemy sniper and cannot close the distance.

The list of Behemoth abilities is quite short, but it includes an active ability to fire all ammo at once into an area of effect explosion and does damage based on ammo count (given the Behemoth's high ammo count, this ability becomes more powerful), the ability to lower ammo expenditure and the removal of the Behemoth's after-attack debuff.

The Behemoth also has Tech Nightmare, an ability that causes all Behemoth attacks to inflict knockback when the user's HP is at 25% or less. Given the Behemoth's high ammo count and it's rapid-fire trait, a character with this ability and several Knockback Amplify Competencies could devastate even the toughest of foes in a matter of seconds.

Behemoth Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EXR0WcpzJ0

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