Milestone completion, Screenshot: Corporate policy meets drunken dares - June 20, 2015

Two things to be posted for today. One is the mention of the completion of a milestone, the addition of 12 more quests to Gachduine's main quest lines. There are now 91 quests across the 10 paths total, as opposed to the original 79.

The second is a screenshot that just went up for Screenshot Saturday called "Corporate policy meets drunken dares". Not all the Gachduine do involve taking up fights against brutal factions, trying to keep themselves hidden from the public or make hard choices.

In some cases, the characters have a chance to get to know one another and have the chance to let loose and have fun while building deeper friendships with one another. Of course, sometimes, as with many celebrations, the fun can get a bit out of hand, such as when the antics seep into the corporate policies of Noah's Greentech, even when the policies could not be legally upheld:

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