Video: Combat Knife - June 13, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on December 2, 2014, showing the Combat Knife weapon type.

Combat Knives are the consummate stealth weapon. They do 2x damage on hitting an enemy from behind and 5x damage if the enemy is not in combat or suffering from pre-emptive stun. In other words, Combat Knives do 10x damage to enemies stealth attacked outside of combat without using any ammo.

While combat knife abilities tend to lean towards boosting backstab power, throwing knives and dual wielding, there is also a powerful ability called "Monster of the Dark", which makes your party invisible to enemies outside of combat while putting enemies in combat in a state of pre-emptive stun to take advantage of stealth abilities. Bosses cannot normally be stealthed, but Monster of the Dark allows you to make use of those stealth abilities mid-combat.

Combat Knife Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbaFxrHJpPo

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