Video: Rocket Launcher - June 10, 2015

Daily posting, this video originally uploaded on November 6, 2014, showing the Rocket Launcher weapon type.

Rocket Launchers are very powerful weapons, dealing 6x damage to a large area at unlimited range. Unlike Rifles, enemies can't protect their friends using Shields, making the Rocket Launcher ideal for taking out groups of enemies at long range.

However, despite these massive advantages, Rocket Launchers have equally massive disadvantages. They hurt allies and enemies, which means you will likely not be using Rocket Launchers in combat, and ironically more from a stealth standpoint. They also only have 2 ammo max, so unless you have ways to boost maximum ammo or refill ammo in combat, your Rocket Launcher usage may be short-lived.

Rocket Launchers are also loud, which draws enemies to the source of the noise, though this can be considered an advantage or a disadvantage.

Rocket Launcher Weapon Type: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_9wWmXOyJ0

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