Rory Morrison - May 2, 2015

More content, just posted to Twitter, focusing on the Gachduine's second-in-command and intel officer, Rory Morrison:

Bio Card for Rory Morrison, a former Sentinel (military police group formed in Vancouver in 2038 with a nation-wide outreach).

Rory's mistakes in the past have caused him to force logic over sentimentality, and as such, he emotionally detaches himself from the rest of the group more than he should, including from his lover, Lucia. Rory feels that as the Gachduine's intelligence officer, he needs to remain objective about his decisions and planning at all costs.

Rory has very high attack power, and the highest potential attack power in-game. Though his HP is above average, he takes double damage from all physical attacks (which are the majority of most enemy attacks). So long as Rory is kept out of harm's way, he can unleash powerful fury on the opposition.

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